UPDATED: April 2017

I am currently creating a team of transcriptionist to help me with my home-based job.

This is not a full time, home-based job so do not expect continuous income.

I only require few transcriptionists who have spare time to do a small number of voice file.

  • Part time and home based only (for additional income in your existing home-based work). There is no required working hours to achieve.
  • Will work simultaneously while I work at agreed time (usually when I’m online on my Google Hangout).
  • Voice File assignment will be given and the turn around time shall be discussed later.
  • Voice file assignment may not be daily, so it is better if you have other home-based transcription work.
  • Has good attitude towards work.
  • Compensation will be discussed through e-mail.


  • Comfortable transcribing both general transcription and medical voice files.
  • For Philippine Applicant – Has EON account (Union Bank Account) – If none willing to open, inquire to your nearest Union Bank and ask for the Cyber Account or EON Account.
  • Or a PayPal verified account – fees may apply.
  • Ability to use Express Scribe or your desired transcription software.
  • Has broad band internet connection that can easily download voicefile.
  • Proficient in English language.
  • Can easily follow guidelines. It is important that you can follow simple instructions like file naming, uploading files, et cetera.



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