The worst fear of a technophobe is acquiring a computer virus. These cleverly designed programs can delete files, infect other electronic devices and sometimes, has the power to entirely shut down the whole personal computer. This leaves any infected gadgets useless. Just imagine all the amount of money spent on buying these electronic devices just to be rendered useless because of this computer virus. That is why, we as users, should educate ourselves about computer virus effects and how we can start computer protection to safeguard from viruses.

Points to Remember on Computer Virus

The basics of a virus are simple. By definition, a virus is a malicious program that has the capacity to replicate itself when it is inserted to its host. This is the reason why the term “viral” is coined with these programs. Computer virus was created in the image of a real virus: It acts just like a true virus does. Once the computer virus enters your personal computer or laptop, it would start to multiply itself and do what it was programmed to do. The most dreadful part for any unprotected computers is that unknowingly, the virus has been acquired and is silently lurking inside your system, just waiting to strike at the right time.

The most common thing to remember is that a computer virus can disguise itself in various forms. It can be through a downloaded song or movie, a document, an e-book, or worse act as an antivirus for your personal computers. So always be on alert on what you download in the net. Clicking a bad link or accidentally closing a dialogue box can trigger any computer virus to download itself into your system.

Certain computer virus effects are very foul. The destruction caused by computer viruses depends upon its program and nature. Computer virus effects can range from harmless to a complete wipe out of your stored data. Some can annoyingly bounce a message into your screen for hours, others can rise the motherboard’s temperature, causing the board to fry itself. Other viruses collect personal information and send it back to its creator that might be used for hacking. There are also some computer virus effects that are not so destructive, but they will cause your system to slow down, or turn its efficiency level into low.

Easy Protection of Computers from Viruses

To prevent computer virus affecting your computer, you must first, create a back-up of every file you have. This can be done with SuperGeek as an initial step to computer protection from the harmful viruses. Storing it on different hard drives or virtually uploading them would be a good idea, so if ever some of your files were deleted or went missing, you can always restore them from the backed-up files. Updating your windows software (for windows users), should allow a better protection for your personal computers. Increasing your firewall and detecting malwares from viruses is a step to protect our computers. And lastly, install a good and trusted anti-virus. It is still the best way to prevent all the computer virus effects on your computer. As the saying goes, its better be ready than be sorry: Right?

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