This is a story shared by Ms. JOB, who will be on her fifth year on July 2010 working as an OFW in Saudi Arabia.

Working here [in Ryadh, Saudi Arabia] is a great experience and more so, thanks I become a medical transcriptionist…

Riyadh - A View on Top

Riyadh – A View on Top

Work as a medical transcriptionist? ”I don’t like!” “My typing speed is poor.” “I may not be fit to work as one because I have some problems with my ears. Maybe, I will not be able to hear the dictations.”

These were the words I said when my friends asked me to go with them to apply as a medical transcriptionist in one of the pioneer MT companies in the Philippines.  I never imagined that this would be my way to work out of the country.  Months before my fifth year in my previous company, I left the Philippines to work here in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mixed emotions, indeed, happy that I’ll be working abroad and happy that I’ll earn double, but I felt super sad that I’ll be leaving my family and will live alone.  It was hard but I need to do it — it’s for my family’s welfare.

As years passed, I met a lot of people from different races. I gained friends whom I can count upon in times of trouble.  I was able to eat different kinds of food as well; some are yummy and some are yucky.

As I’m writing this blog, I’m happy to share to everyone that this coming July 2010, it will be my fifth year here in Riyadh.  Working here is a great experience and more so, thanks I become a medical transcriptionist that I am given the chance to experience all these great things.

Submitted by: MsJ.O.B. works as a Medical Transcriptionist in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for five years.  She loves to take pictures every time given the chance to hold a camera.  An artist in any way she can, most often she likes to draw and decorate party venues. She also loves to dance.