family travelIn this high tech age, it has become very easy to create viral news about our daily activities.  Once you have an opportunity to travel to a great location you want to take full advantage of your privilege and share with the world or just your family your perspective on your chosen travel location.

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Find below some of the things you will need to check in order to capture and document your vacation or trip in a format that you can easily use to create that viral news item.

Step 1: Record it on video.

Capture as many moments as you can on your camera.  The camera that you choose to use should be portable enough to carry around, very quick and responsive, produce good quality images and have enough storage to capture those golden and mundane moments.

If you have kids, these video moments can be a great memory of their childhood.  It can serve as your travel souvenir.

Step 2:  Journalize it.

A good old fashion pen (crayon, pencil etc.) and paper, or for you sophisticated type’s digital tablets, can be a good way to capture personal handwriting or drawings that you have made on your trips.

Again, if you have kids, this can be a great recording of their childhood.  Encourage them to stick mementos, cut photos and be creative.

Step 3: Create a video blog and a photo book.

Encourage everyone to keep a video diary of the vacation and take plenty of photos.  This can be a drag for some people, but if you manage to pull it off, you will have captured different perspectives of the same place, which can make for a very good final edit.

Step 4: Create a travel blog.

Once you have captured all those moments in videos, photos and writing and have agreed on what you want to put up on a blog or not, go ahead and do so.  A family travel blog can be a very authentic way to let others know the great sites from your travels or to simply capture your treasured moments to share with your extended family.

Step 5: Use social media.

While on your trip, you could take advantage of social media platforms to keep a record of your travels and have them backed up online.  Be sure to use YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Teaching your family and kids how to use all these media is important because they will be able to learn how to appropriately interact with others and share the great moments that they encounter in their lives.

There are several reasons why you would want to record the events of your trip in the best way possible.  It could serve as a well put together record of an important event of your life and that of your loved ones or it could also be for some monetary gain.  The great thing about doing it well is that you will have a comprehensive record that you could use under whichever circumstance.

About the Contributor:  Jenny Richards is a travel consultant based in Tadoba.  She has 9 years of experience on the job.  She is also a writer and regularly contributes in travel magazines and columns.  Visit her site to read more on vacation home rentals.