When I decided to enroll in an MT course, I chose MTC Academy for the following reasons:
1. MTC Academy is TESDA certified.
2. It is, as far as I believe, the pioneer in MT education.
3. Convenient location in Buendia, Makati which is a jeepney ride from my work.

I tried as much as possible to fit my schedule at work as a warehouse expediter in Bizu with my training at MTC Academy. But then, I resigned from work a few weeks before I finished my MT course due to some personal reasons. I think I was not happy anymore working as a food technologist.

I learned a lot from my training at MTC Academy. Although, I heard a lot of complaints from other students, I just ignored it and made the most out of what they offer. I would like to commend also the lessons I’ve learned from my mentors. They both made the classroom sessions a more fun yet educational one.

The course lasted from November 2004 to March 2005. Then, what’s next is the on-the-job training.

Well, to really appreciate the career as an MT, an OJT needs to undergo an on-the-job training after the classroom and laboratory sessions. Luckily, after some time of job hunting and taking series of qualifying exams from various MT companies, Touch Asia gave me as well as two others of “The Wizards” a chance to work as an OJT.

I felt like working already as an MT. Well, part of it maybe because we received some allowance for our training, and also we worked with some live audio files.

Summing up, my overall training as medical transcriptionist both in MTC Academy and Touch Asia is truly a fruitful learning experience.