i-netjobs graphics designWhen beginning a design project, an artist must follow certain processes for achieving the best results. Instead of jumping right into the process of graphic designing, a thorough preparation is necessary that involves researching, conceptualizing, and drafting. If required, ideas from the graphic design professionals nearest to your place should be taken. Being an artist, your first job would be to interview your client thoroughly about his exact needs. Thereafter the other steps follow in sequence.

To begin you could arrange a questionnaire about your client’s target audience, the exact message he wants to put across, the exact number of pages for his publicity material, his budget, existing competitors, and so on. It is always advisable to make a written record of this questionnaire as that would act as a guide to your designing process. Once this process gets over, you can start working.

Outline creation

Based on the information collected through interview and questionnaires it is possible to get an outline of an entire project. Once this outline is ready, it is necessary to get it approved by your customer. You must never proceed with a project till an approval is obtained, or else the entire matter could become risky. In this age of competition it is never wise to take such unwanted risks. Before finalizing a plan you could include your client’s suggestions or note down the concerns. Make your customer feel important for the project and involve him from time to time. However, caution must be taken against bothering your customer too often.

Submission of proposal

After getting an approval it is time to prepare and submit your business proposal for graphics designing. This is a detailed docket containing the entire scope of work. Here you need to mention the number of designs to be created, graphic design tools to be used, time required for completing the project, and total cost involved.

Subsequent to these two processes your actual graphics designing task gets started.

Be creative

The first step to becoming the best web design company is to have team members that are creative. Creativity is the essence of designers and artists. Graphic designing tools that need to be kept handy include a computing device with requisite software like Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator. You might also use an iPad or MacBook as your computing device. A good quality digital camera and reference books are other requisites to enhance your creativity.

Having the right materials is not all for being creative. It is always wise to sit for brainstorming meetings as they help in gathering new ideas. Being an artist it always helps to draw at every opportunity. Visiting places or even taking a walk could help you in getting refreshing ideas.

Wireframes and sketches

Before proceeding with designing, it is advisable to draw sketches. Sketching helps in getting your job started in the right direction.  Line drawings, logo concepts, etc. are helpful in planning you exact designs. Web design professionals prefer to use wireframes for page layouts.

Designing multiple images

With the graphic design tools at your disposal it is now time for creating an image for a point of sales material. Normally several designs as samples are needed to be created. Clients always prefer to view at least two or three creative designs before settling for one. Instead of pleasing your client with one design output, it is better to have few of them. Here it must be remembered that you as a graphic artist must have certain samples to be used later.

About the Contributor:  Jacob Anderson penned down this article.  Jacob is currently working in a web design company bigdropinc.com. He has written a number of articles graphic design and his articles are posted in various blogs.