Kingdom Tower, Saudi Arabia

Recent news broadcasts in the Philippines monitor the daily temperature. Many complain the hot summer reaching almost 37 degrees in some areas of Metro Manila. Good thing, rainy season is coming that usually starts on June. This now can give some relief from the heat. But the heat of summer in Manila is nothing as compared in Riyadh.

Taken May 13, 2012

Taken March 26, 2012

Rarely been outside home in Riyadh, I didn’t notice the heat of the summer here. It officially starts in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia usually during the month of May. It gets it peak on months of June and July. Although the city received a considerable able of rains last March and April, it wasn’t enough to stop the approaching scorching heat this May.

Well good thing, electricity cost is very low here in Riyadh. So there is no hindrance in turning your aircons here all day long.