traveller passportTo have that best feeling of reminiscing the memories you have in your journeys or events, it is when you hold that certain souvenir in your hand. Collecting souvenirs may not be done by a pro since this is not a profession but a hobby. Adults, teenagers, young kids and even the aged still enjoy the real meaning of collecting visible memories. The essence in which one could never get over of grabbing the things that inspire their journey or getaway may it be from a vacation, work or even in pilgrim.

Souvenirs can be the best expression of our emotions too. We tend to look for little or big things that can relate on how we feel as we go along our journey and how we feel wonderful as we celebrate our event. Aside from travel photos, here are the three most collected souvenirs a traveler take home. travel souvenir snow globesSnow globes

That little tiny universe full of snow dropping one by one inside the glass sphere that you can hold in your hand is a Snow globe. Snow globes are considered as one of the finest souvenir because it depicts a happy and lively picture. Long time ago, these are just given as presents for Christmas. Usually, it has Santa or gifts used as themes. Today, however, you can find snow globes with just about anything you can imagine. Others modified theirs by replacing glitters instead of snow or even small glass beads inside that float through the water when the globe is shaken. If you are travelling from one place to another, snow globes are just anywhere. It is very common to different countries since it does signifies the country and even have a replica of its beautiful spots. Snow globes are also given as souvenirs in a wedding, birthdays, baptismal and other occasions. Some can be made personalized or they can be themed. travel souvenir key chainsKey chains

One of the smallest items to give is key chains. Just like magnets, key chains are light and go handy as well. They may not be that useful to somebody but it gives attention to something. Basically, key chains are attached to keys, bags, wallets etc., and so, this makes sense if somebody got a dull stuff. Adding key chain will make one’s stuff look livelier. Have it customized or personalized in accordance with the event. Tourists usually look for the replica of the beautiful spots of a certain country purposely to let the others know that they have been there. travel souvenir shot glassShot glasses

Shot glasses are breakable items and typically, only adults can appreciate it particularly those who love to drink. A shot glass signifies one’s love for drinking or one’s appreciation of wines and other hard drinks. Men usually have the most number of these collections as compared to women. Generally, what can be seen printed on the shot glass is the brand of a drink. If you have a drinking buddy left in your place, then you already know what to give him or her when you arrive from your vacation.

These are the three of the most collected travel souvenirs by a tourist. Either for leisure or for business, you can take home a piece of memory of the place you’ve been to.