What is an outsourcing transcription all about?  Why do outsourcing transcription starts to boom in the Philippines today?  Why other country does establish outsourcing in the Philippines?

First, let us define outsourcing and transcription for better understanding. Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to an outside supplier rather than completing it internally.  Transcription is simply the conversion of audio or video file to text file format.

Outsourcing transcription jobs are better done in the Philippines in many ways because of quantity workforce, quality work done, and affordable cost.  Now, let us further elaborate these three factors so we can easily understand outsourcing transcriptions.

Quantity of Transcription Workforce in The Philippines.
We are aware that one of the most abundant features of the Philippines is its manpower. Indeed, we have a lot of skilled professionals who are capable of doing the transcription jobs that we have right now.  The awareness in our country is very high and many people are searching for their fortunes in outsourcing industry.  One characteristic of the workforce is the usage of universal language, English language. When companies are outsourcing in the Philippines, they will experience well-trained transcriptionists in understanding terminologies and even foreign dialects which they are capable of adapting easily to the accents of the other countries.  As what we all know, developing countries like the Philippines do have large pool of English-speaking and skilled populace. So outsourcing transcription jobs is better done in the Philippines.

Quality of Transcription Jobs by Filipinos
It can be seen by the impressive accuracy percentage that the companies which handle outsourcing transcriptions are producing.  They well maintain their standard of excellence in transcription that increases the likelihood of opportunities ahead of them and of the country.  We possess the abilities of individuals who perform great responsibility with the work they are currently indulged too.  Also, there are better infrastructures with backups for labor and Internet and are capable of providing round-the-clock uninterrupted transcription services.

Affordable Cost of Transcription in the Philippines
We all know that it is not just the labor cost which is low but also how Filipino transcriptionists managed reducing its cost without losing the standard of service rendered by those companies.  Cost has been a significant issue to where the other country puts up an outsourcing as this will lessen their burden about the expenditure they will be using.

From the aforementioned factors in understanding outsourcing transcriptions, Filipinos make sure that these are all present whenever they do transcription jobs. Therefore, it is better to start outsourcing in the Philippines for transcription related jobs.

Submitted by: Kim Villena