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Sunday, June 20, 2021

How to Submit Articles Directly to WordPress Blog

The WordPress Plugin User Submitted Posts lets the users or visitors of your website to post comments or images on the website with the help of short codes or template tags. Normally the posts users add to the website are in forms of tags, categories, titles or anything similar. You have the right to choose the privacy settings of the posts users add to the website. You can either put up the privacy such that every posts requires your approval before appearing on the site or you might give a free hand to the users and allow them to post anything with you approving it. Along with posts, users are also allowed to post images too. All this can be taken care of from the ‘admin settings page’.

Allowing your visitors to submit posts or images

With the help of User Submitted Posts (USP) you can easily display a public post submission anywhere you like on your website. To add submission form on a post or page you can use the USP short code and the USP template tag. This form can be used by site visitors to add posts. You can choose input fields according to your will, following are examples of few:

  • Author Name
  • Author URL
  • Post Title
  • Post Tags
  • Post Category
  • Post Content
  • Image upload(s)

The settings page lets you decide what you want to appear on your fields, the quantity of number of images you want to allow, the size of the image, location redirecting, message errors and much more. You can set up anything you want in terms of user-submission for your site powered by WordPress by using the submitted post option. Following are a couple of examples to change USP plug in:

  • Visitors who want to share links using tags.
  •  Post, title & author can be displayed using Simple Submit News form.
  • Using forms which will allow attachment of images.
  • Use image up loader with titles or tags.

WordPress saves any posts submitted by users as default in the “drafts”, if the privacy settings say so; otherwise they can be changed to ‘publish immediately’. Another option for submission is when a specified number of users approve the post to be published.

Initially there was no way to add to the article count. The ways which existed such as repurposing the present content were not easy. But now this isn’t much of a trouble. A tool named EzineArticles WordPress Plugin will do the job for you. You can add as much articles as you want and send them to the website. Along with this, you can stay on WordPress and choose selected articles to post.

This superb WordPress Plugin also has other perks like its capability of observing the review status of the freshly articles that were submitted from the administrative interface of WordPress.

This article is directed towards brilliant minds that can guide us in how to improve the WordPress Plugin for better result. We are looking forward in sharing and teaching you how to allow your WordPress users to submit posts and news to the site. If you have the right skills, you can also make helpful use Akismet for spam filter.

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