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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I had experienced the deserts and sand dunes of Saudi Arabia when I was in Riyadh.  Once I was able to tour the Red Sands of Riyadh and as well as the famous Edge of the World.  You can do these trips if not summer in Riyadh.  The dry surroundings of this country look very interesting to me and can take you to the historic times of this prominent Arab country.  If you are planning to visit in Saudi Arabia any time soon for work or side-trip Umrah reasons, don’t reschedule your journey because you can do and see many things when in Saudi Arabia.  You can make your residence in Riyadh an enjoyable one while earning some good cash at work.

The Riyadh National Zoo

I hope I had visited this, but it seems the animals here are so popular only on winter months.  I have heard that the animals are housed inside an air-conditioned facility on summer days.  It is one of the major zoos in Saudi Arabia.  The zoo is believed to have kangaroos, elephants, monkeys, and many others.

The National Museum of Riyadh

I think I had visited this two or three times when I was in Riyadh to accompany some friends.  It is located in the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center.  The Riyadh National Museum is a two-storey building that houses a wide array of relics of both the past and present, including manuscripts and exhibit boards.  The museum is known for its great presentations, and I think a lot of people visit this.  I just remember it is quite tiring to visit this museum.

Al-Maktaba Park

I have seen only in passing this square situated in the Olaya Street, Riyadh.  In a view, it covers a scenic spot looking at the Al Faisaliyah Tower.  The park has a grand history for its visitors.  It has a out of this world waterfall which is placed on the reverse side of the facility entry.  It has a artificial pool which attracts the tourists.  There are many resting spaces in the park which are sheltered by trees.  The centerpiece of the AL-Maktaba Park is a Clock Tower that is noticeable from an extreme distance.

Al-Musmak Castle

Situated in the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah, The Al-Musmak Castle is an ancient pride and joy of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The castle is known for its exceptional history in the country and it offers a scenic observation.  This castle is made from clay and mud-brick which played an important part in the Kingdom’s history.

The Kingdom Centre

This is the mall I frequented when I was in Riyadh.  I am always amazed of this landmark.  It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Riyadh.  It is the 3rd largest in the Saudi Arabia and 25th tallest building in the world.  It has a wonderful shopping center, containing 160 exciting stores and shops of world’s prominent brands like Mont Blanc, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marks & Spencer, and many other.  The Kingdom Centre has many business offices, world-class dining restaurants and the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel along with a stunning banquet hall.  It has 41 elevators, 22 escalators and a wide space for carpark.  You will not ignore The Kingdom Centre in Saudi Arabia.


Monday, April 26, 2021

The importance of content and blog management tool cannot be suppressed and overlooked by any website, and this augments the need to choose the best option for this service. WordPress and Blogger are the two most prominent names in this respect. Bloggers are somehow divided to which one is better for example to work-at-home bloggers. There are various differences between the two based on the personal experience and usage, now let us look at some of them from the rational window. 

Enriched Features

Who would not love to have a system that not only manages the blogs and contents, but also provide additional features for website expansion and enrichment? WordPress initially started as a free CMS to build and maintain a blog and all its pertained features. However, it expanded it power and coverage with the passage of time and now offers a whole new panorama where website templates and paging can be changed and improved. If we compare this with the blogger, we can easily sense Blogger to require more manual power than the built-in power of the blogger itself. If website has to be updated, the web administrator has to spend some quality time and efforts in designing the new template and shifting the website from the older to the new template. So, WordPress goes 1-Nil up in regards of enriched features and less requirement for manpower.


As the number of customers, products and services grows, the need of expanding and improving the website also grows. The Plugin feature in WordPress is one of its greatest strength as it gives the power to a website to expand or modify by incorporating the different plugins supported in the WordPress architecture. The database of WordPress has more than 26,000 plugins which satisfy almost all needs of a website, irrespective of its product category and business model. The same is not true for Blogger which only offers limited extensions and plugins which often are not sufficient for meeting the growing need of flexibility and modification of global suppliers. This make WordPress go 2-Nil up.


One great drawback of Blogger is that your website can lose the template customization and this will also adversely affect the strength of your content. With WordPress, you can create a powerful SEO architecture with definite templates and content tags, so that your content is properly managed and is powerful enough to make its presence count to the search engines. So, 3-Nil to WordPress versus Blogger.


The cost of anything you do for your website is always an important consideration of landing down to a viable option. Though both Blogger and WordPress offer free content management and blogging services; clients have to bear the domain hosting cost when they opt for the WordPress option. In this way, the overall cost of web maintenance increases, and this adds to the investment of the company. This makes WordPress versus Blogger as 3-1. Now, if a company is willing to trade money in return for its better and advance features, then there would not be a second opinion on the decision making between Blogger and WordPress.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Ingenuity, hard work and business minded are just few of the remarkable traits of Filipinos. We are known to be creative in our own ways. These three traits help us go through and survive all obstacles in life. It is undeniable that, the Philippines has encountered lots of hardships from calamities to government issues. However, these are not the reasons to not to keep forward. We still let the Filipino spirit live. The survival in us stays with us wherever we go. That’s why, other nationalities admire our Filipino traits, that is staying positive and happy at all times amidst all difficulties.


Filipinos are born with ingenuity. This can be seen in our everyday lives especially the less fortunate ones. Though they do not have much in life, yet they manage to survive. They use their creativity and skill. In which country have you seen that during the storm and floods one person made use of the coffin turned into a boat in order to cross the road full of water? In which country can you find that the famous and expensive oysters in posh restaurants and hotels can just be cooked in an old big biscuit can and can be found in the streets? What I’m trying to highlight here is how every Filipinos make use of their resources in any way they can. If you wish to eat oysters, you don’t need to go to any expensive restaurants or hotels. Just look for them in any corner and streets in the Philippines. They are cheaper. That’s how skillful Filipinos are.

Hard work

Hard work goes together with ingenuity. People will not use their skill if they don’t mind hard work at all. Their being hardworking can be best illustrate in their everyday lives. Just like with simple chores in our own homes. We prefer to do our stuff on our own than having others do it for us instead. That’s how we treasure our own skills, effort and hardships. Through working hard, most Filipinos are not selective when it comes to work. They value what is more important for their family. That’s why, you cannot blame if people work in other countries even how hard it would be.

Business Minded

By nature, most Filipino people find means and ways in order to support their hungry stomach. We can see there are lots of vendors everywhere. These vendors wake up in the wee hours in the morning just to set up their goodies in the streets hoping that for the day they can go home with much profit. Also, we will give credit to big companies run by business people. They too were doing hard work then, and that’s the result of their business now. Just like with the work, Filipinos are not choosy as well when it comes to business. You can find all kinds of products being sold anywhere such as food, groceries, clothes, appliances and other stuff. Food is the primary need of every people. As we can notice, there are lots of restaurants in the Philippines because we Filipinos love to eat. Carinderias and eatery are just everywhere in the streets. Filipinos can survive with just simple foods. We don’t need expensive food just to sustain appetite. Since lots of Filipinos work early in the morning and late at night, they usually opt to choose foods that are easy to prepare because of their busy schedules. Just like the easy to prepare frozen foods. They are of big help in our morning rush. A good breakfast in the morning prepared with rice, longganisa, noodle soup or a cup of coffee will complete our day. This is one of the common breakfasts for everybody. You now have the complete meal with carbohydrates and protein to start your day.

Life is full of pleasure. These three Filipino traits makes the daily living more enjoyable. By being ingenious, hardworking and business minded, we can continue living the life we want.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

I've been lifting weight for some time, and I made myself sure that I don't get hemorrhoids.

Have you ever feel a burning and itching sensation that comes from your anus after you’ve done an extraneous activity like heavy lifting weights after you went to the gym the other day? Or what about experiencing pain during bowel movement and surprised to feel that there’s something on your anal area like a lump that shouldn’t have to be there?— Sounds familiar? Well, you might probably have hemorrhoids from your workout routines.

Hemorrhoids is a type of anorectal disease that usually affects middle age men and women between 45-65 years of age.  It is cause by swollen blood vessel and it can be aggravated at some time.  There are several factors that may contribute to this kind of condition like pregnancy, obesity, anal intercourse, pharmacological drugs, lifestyle and diet.  It can also be hereditary, and the most common cause is engaging to extraneous activity like straining during bowel movement or even heavy lifting.  When these predisposing factors occur, it cause an increase pressure in the blood vessel of the anus that compress the blood flow in the sphincter muscle that can protrude either internally or externally.  The most common signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids includes pruritus or itching, pain and burning sensation, protrusion around the anus area, painful defecation and sometimes blood as it may get worse.  And yes, it can be downright embarrassing to suffer to this kind of condition but the truth is that everyone has it but it only varies on the extent and development of the disease.

Now, you got to wonder why all of a sudden you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids just after you do your regular weight lifting or work out on the gym. The thing is that, heavy lifting is not the real cause of hemorrhoids it only triggers the condition.  For example, when we lift something we just bend over in order for us to pick up a certain thing even if it has a lot of weights include without being aware that our back will surely sore from it.  And if you already suffering from hemorrhoids, it is not really advisable to do heavy lifting as it may only aggravates your condition and comes to worst there is a possibility for your hemorrhoids to burst. So, if you are going to pick up something with weights, your doctor will advise that you should ask one of your family members to do it or assist you on doing it.  But of course not all the time someone will assist you to lift something.  Instead of doing the usual lifting, you must take precautions and do some techniques in proper lifting.  In doing this, you have to bend to the level of your knees and keeping your back straight to let the pressure set on your legs not on your back wherein it affects the area of your anus and this will prevent increasing pressure on the hemorrhoids. Thus, when you do lifting you must keep in mind that you should decrease the pressure to the area of your anus and rectum to avoid exacerbation of the disease.

Having hemorrhoids does not limit you to do things normally.  You can still do the usual things that you’re doing of course, but only with precautions. Embarrassing as it may seem to suffer from hemorrhoids but it is still better to seek proper medication once you feel the symptoms of this.  And there’s no need to worry as there are lot of treatments available in curing hemorrhoids to lessen your aggravation like sitz bath, eating high fiber diet, suppositories, stool softeners, ointment, and surgery to correct it.  You can do your regular exercise but instead of lifting you can take some 30-minutes’ walk, yoga, and pilates will do as well but it is better for you to ask your doctor’s advice first before engaging to any activity.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

There is a lot of buzz lately surrounding the role of technology and social media in how they affect the way we socially interact with each other. Loosely termed as 'nocialize', the youth of today cannot seem to get enough of their gadgets even in social settings such as dinners or parties. It is not really rare to see something akin to this image anymore.

Double edged sword as it is, social media definitely also has a brighter side to it. Many applications are  available these days to bring people, maybe even strangers, together in different settings like parties, get togethers, concerts or even over home cooked meals.

Smartphone application is that champions its users desire to eat or host home cooked meals and meet new friends at the same time. This GPS enabled app helps you look for home chefs around you who are already throwing a party. It also works the other way around if you want to throw a party. One can even choose to have a pot luck party to encourage guests to share their home cooking.

This free app is currently available for IOS or Android. Once you download the Smartphone app from the App Store Or Google Play, just follow their easy steps to make your way to your next home cooked meal.

First you have to sign in or register. Registration is as simple as connecting the app to your Facebook profile. Registration is also absolutely free.

Once you finish registering, make sure that you allow the app to find your location in your privacy settings. As this is a Global Positioning System (GPS) based app, it would facilitate finding meals that are nearby. You can browse through the variety of selection of cuisine, types of gathering, and even the price of the meal. Meals range from being absolutely free to a minimal fee just to cover the overhead expense. The fee can be paid securely over PayPal or credit card.

On the contrary, if you are a home chef and would love to have people over and eat home cooked meals at your place, you can also set up your own meal in your profile. Setting up is easy and you can link your Paypal  account to facilitate transfer of payments.

The app does not only stop there. Of course you would like to keep in touch with all the new friends you have just made. The app itself hosts a personal messaging system that allows you to talk to new friends or even soon to be new friends. You can even join communities with similar interests to get updates on future meals that will be hosted.

Using the Smartphone app for home cooked meals,  it allows you to explore new cuisine and new friends, you can  now revamp your old eating out habits with friends at expensive fancy restaurants and meet new or old friends while you eat home cooked meals from different cuisines in a social way. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Getting audio transcription training nowadays is a best practice in the business by some of the transcription company either in medical or legal fields. This is also widely used by secretaries and other professional groups that deal with audio transcription jobs. Because in audio transcription you will learn a lot of things like correct grammar composition and spelling of words.

You will learn how to create business documents and letter that is necessary in your job such as memos, correspondence, and reports. In this training, you may also improve your typing skills and your listening acuity. It also helps you a lot in terms of transcribing document especially in appropriate style guides in paragraph formats.

When you work as audio transcriptionist, you have your own flexible pace and you can choose your own work hours.  That is why, audio transcription training can help a lot for those who want to start their own business doing audio transcription. There is a step-by- step guidelines in a audio transcription business that you need to learn.

Even without adequate experience, do you think you can start as a transcriptionist?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary define medical transcriptionist as one who transcribes dictated “medical” reports.  Transcriptionist is one who types information that he or she hears from an audio file into a document format.  In other words, transcriptionist is one who turns audio into text.  Sounds simple, does it?  Download a file, put on your headphones, type for a while, email the transcript according to the client’s specifications, and wait for the feedback; but is it really that simple?

Unfortunately, it is NOT.  To be an effective transcriptionist, you need a considerable skills and lots of common sense.  You should have good typing skills, English skills, research skills, listening skills, computer literacy, professional work habits, and certain personality characteristics -- that is if you enjoy reading for long hours, if you enjoy writing, if you enjoy learning, if you enjoy typing and don't mind typing for hours at a time.

Whilst it is true that experience may be an added plus, it is not a guarantee she or he may deliver good-productive output in the end. Skills are indeed a prerequisite to be an effective transcriptionist. However, when skill is not enough, especially for those you wanted to start a career as transcriptionist, what can compensate for it? I believed as long as you can follow directions, work independently, and focus at the work at hand, if you are not easily distracted or get frustrated, if you are organize and have good time management to meet the deadlines, if you can work discreetly and keep confidentiality, then you can be a transcriptionist... If you have the right attitude, personality, and work habits, even without adequate experience, any small differences in the skills can be learned, improved, and acquired in time.

Medical/General transcription is not an easy task.

It does not only require very good English and grammar but also experience, intelligence and discernment. It is the job of the transcriber to listen for meaning and make intelligent decisions on the best way to render the spoken word in written form. Transcription is not quite as straightforward as it may seem; an important example of which is that people do not always speak in proper sentences and there are a lot of guidelines that we need to follow.

Even if you do not have an enough experience as a transcriptionist, you can be confident that you will be able to perform the task accurately and correctly. You are very eager to apply all the knowledge and skills that you have learned from school, being a registered nurse is an advantage (for medical transcriptionist) because it would not be so hard to transcribe medical reports if there are any. Your exceptional passion for this job is one of the important key in rendering a quality service to your clients.




Blogger and WordPress are two popular blogging platforms as of today. Many bloggers are arguing which is better and why. Both have each own advantages and disadvantages that a beginner should know. Comparing Blogger and WordPress will help you decide.

Blogger is free and is hosted by Google. You can configure a style that would suite you and add some of Google’s properties like YouTube, Gmail and Google+. You may feel secure using it just don’t lose your Google password account. You can expect no downtime since it is handled by the most secured host and your article could be indexed as fast as a blink of an eye. You could also earn in your writings if you will integrate it with Adsense which is also supported by Blogger. On the other hand, many bloggers especially with businesses don’t find it enough. Some complains for a lack of choices in the designs and doesn’t support more plugins that could enhance their blogging sites. Add to that is the fact that you don’t own your domain, thus Google has the right to terminate you site in any case.

WordPress on the other hand is being praised by many especially bloggers with earning targets. It supported a lot of plugins and designs that could definitely be one of a kind compared to many users. There are two platforms of WordPress, the free one; which is the and for pay which is the These platforms come with a lot of features and you can easily install and activate plugins of your choice. It integrates with a lot of blog directories which could add traffic to your sites and generate more income potential. With WordPress you own your own domain which means you have rights to all contents of your blog unlike Blogger.

As a beginner, the simplest choice is the Blogger. You get to learn and build up your own site without much difficulty. This platform has a sense of personal touch while having the fun of updating your circle of friends. But if you opt for more adventures and uniqueness, then WordPress is at your service. Not only sending traffic to your site but generating and reaching a lot of income opportunities which is limitless in the web.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Now a days, consumers are becoming smarter and demands useful information. Thus, sharing relevant information can provide you with potential opportunities to create referrals and turn them into clients. How? Blogging is a cost-effective technique that help businesses to build reputation and influence – which helps bring more traffic to the company site.

According to a survey conducted by Hubspot – how blogs lessens the overall marketing costs compared to traditional marketing methods, as shown in the image below.

Here in this guest post I'll be throwing light on three basic yet important blogging benefits – which will help broaden your business reach in today's wobbly and competitive web sphere. 

Gravitate People Towards Your Website.

Every business owner wants to drive more website visitors. Now, let's think of the ways in which your target audience finds your site.

  • They typed the name of some products and services that you might be offering. They found your name, you're right in front of their eyes, but that doesn't means they'll access your site. And suppose even if they do, it can't bring you enough traffic.
  • You can choose to pay for paid ads, but that can be expensive for businesses on a shoestring budget. Once you've exceeded your budget probably you'll stop placing paid ads, and the traffic would also stop coming.
  • You may buy an email list and send your company newsletter in a blast, and hope for people to click on the emails – inviting people to visit your site. But what if they don't click-through the mail?

Certainly, looking at the aforementioned factors will leave you in bewilderment. You might be wondering about some permanent and cost-effective solution to bring in more people towards your site. This is where blogging comes in.

Writing a blog post means adding an indexed page on your site – every indexed page increases your chances to rank high on search engines, which augments your chances to get discovered by the target customers. 

Enhance User Engagement.

There are dozens of websites on the web sphere, and every day you can see a new site getting launched. Getting your site noticeable in the sea of websites can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Albeit, you're getting visitors to your site, assuring that they'll revisit it time and again requires increasing the engagement quotient of your website.

Before moving ahead, let's understand the reason behind the significance of improving user engagement! The answer is very simple – the longer a visitor stays on your site, greater are the chances that they'll be taking up your services. If you're providing useful insight to your readers, they can't resist to stay for a bit longer on your site. What's more? Writing fresh and informative posts encourage visitors to share your content on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc., and thereby makes you and your brand noticeable to new audience.

Moreover, posting new blog posts frequently with thought-provoking concepts, will encourage people to come back for more. 

Turn the Traffic to Potential Leads.

Now that you have a blog that keeps your site's visitors engaged, by putting in a little efforts you can convert your visitors into leads.

As discussed earlier, every blog means a new indexed page, likewise your each post increases the opportunity to generate new leads. However, make sure to add call-to-action elements to every blog post. The calls-to-action elements generally includes free product trial, option to “download” a free piece of content and much more.

Put simply, placing any content asset that entices people to exchange their information for, can help to carry out traffic-to-lead conversions. A call-to-action button lets your visitors explore even a short text on a web page, and plays a vital role in converting your visitors into clients. But it's imperative to optimize the call-to-actions, since conversions depends on them.

Adding effective CTAs in the blog posts can attract your visitors attention, and can transform them to leads. For instance, in the image shown below you can see there is a call-to-action button “Get Free Download”, well who doesn't like to have freebies. So, any consumer would without much ado will click on the CTA.

So, when writing blogs keep in mind to add compelling CTAs – that compels visitors to click-through through them. 

Let's End It!

Regardless of whether you own a small or a large business organization, blogging can help you expand your reach to a greater number of people – without investing huge chunks of money. Also, blogging helps establish you as a brand in your realm and creates brand awareness. Reading the aforementioned factors will help you understand the benefits offered by blogging for your business.

About the Contributor: Rick Brown is an experienced technical writer associated with a Mobile Application Development Company – Mobiers Ltd. Being associated with a firm, he can assist you you to avail the skilled Mobile Application Developer, in case you are looking forward for the same.