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Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I Visited Two of These Five Remarkable Places in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I had experienced the deserts and sand dunes of Saudi Arabia when I was in Riyadh.  Once I was able to tour the Red Sands of Riyadh and as well as the famous Edge of the World.  You can do these trips if not summer in Riyadh.  The dry surroundings of this country look very interesting to me and can take you to the historic times of this prominent Arab country.  If you are planning to visit in Saudi Arabia any time soon for work or side-trip Umrah reasons, don’t reschedule your journey because you can do and see many things when in Saudi Arabia.  You can make your residence in Riyadh an enjoyable one while earning some good cash at work.

The Riyadh National Zoo

I hope I had visited this, but it seems the animals here are so popular only on winter months.  I have heard that the animals are housed inside an air-conditioned facility on summer days.  It is one of the major zoos in Saudi Arabia.  The zoo is believed to have kangaroos, elephants, monkeys, and many others.

The National Museum of Riyadh

I think I had visited this two or three times when I was in Riyadh to accompany some friends.  It is located in the King Abdul Aziz Historical Center.  The Riyadh National Museum is a two-storey building that houses a wide array of relics of both the past and present, including manuscripts and exhibit boards.  The museum is known for its great presentations, and I think a lot of people visit this.  I just remember it is quite tiring to visit this museum.

Al-Maktaba Park

I have seen only in passing this square situated in the Olaya Street, Riyadh.  In a view, it covers a scenic spot looking at the Al Faisaliyah Tower.  The park has a grand history for its visitors.  It has a out of this world waterfall which is placed on the reverse side of the facility entry.  It has a artificial pool which attracts the tourists.  There are many resting spaces in the park which are sheltered by trees.  The centerpiece of the AL-Maktaba Park is a Clock Tower that is noticeable from an extreme distance.

Al-Musmak Castle

Situated in the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah, The Al-Musmak Castle is an ancient pride and joy of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The castle is known for its exceptional history in the country and it offers a scenic observation.  This castle is made from clay and mud-brick which played an important part in the Kingdom’s history.

The Kingdom Centre

This is the mall I frequented when I was in Riyadh.  I am always amazed of this landmark.  It is one of the tallest skyscrapers in Riyadh.  It is the 3rd largest in the Saudi Arabia and 25th tallest building in the world.  It has a wonderful shopping center, containing 160 exciting stores and shops of world’s prominent brands like Mont Blanc, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Saks Fifth Avenue, Marks & Spencer, and many other.  The Kingdom Centre has many business offices, world-class dining restaurants and the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel along with a stunning banquet hall.  It has 41 elevators, 22 escalators and a wide space for carpark.  You will not ignore The Kingdom Centre in Saudi Arabia.


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