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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Why do call center agents like to start a home-based audio transcription career?

When I outsourced my audio transcription jobs, a number of applicants inquired about my home-based job posting. At that time, I received numerous e-mails that most of them have experience working in a call center.

As for my home-based audio transcription job opening, there are few points that I notice why they (call center agents or CCAs) like to venture into this new career that is somehow similar in some aspects mainly being an outsourced jobs.

Here are some facts that make call center agents suitable to do audio transcription at home.

  1. Outstanding English language comprehension.
    Call center agents believe they have the edge to do audio transcription work because of their excellent English proficiency. In fact, a transcriptionist is required to be exceptional in English comprehension.

  2. Speedy typing. 
    Most of them have the capability of typing more than 40 words per minute. This is an advantage being an audio transcriptionist.  You will be able to produce more files and consequently earn more. Of course, quality of work must be observed while working for quantity. 

  3. Familiarity with voice files. 
    Most of the call center agents have experience typing voice mails so they know how to type while hearing the voice of the client.  This is an advantage for them because somehow they only use the keyboard to manipulate the audio player.  Majority of audio transcriptionists, particularly medical transcriptionists, are dependent on the foot pedal. 

Indeed, the willingness to learn new skills by the call center agents is very impressive.  Even if they are tired doing work mostly at night; they still feel energetic to do home-based work.


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