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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Most Nursing Graduates have Medical Transcription in their Curriculum

Medical transcription is somehow a necessity among nursing graduates.  Since the nurses work directly with doctors, they must be equipped how to become a medical transcriptionist.  So most nursing school nowadays include medical transcription in their curriculum.  The work of a medical transcriptionist does not only include audio transcription in a hospital setup.  Other tasks are being assigned to them and especially for nurses who know how to work as medical transcriptionist, it will be an added advantage.

I received an email from a registered nurse who currently practicing his profession in one of the hospitals in the southern Philippines.  His present level in medical transcription is as a beginner, but he has experience in medical transcription during his college days for which he got his Certificate of Medical Transcription.

The factors that prompted him to pursue a career in medical transcription are his nursing degree and his medical transcription elective in college.  He actually considers this as his stepping stone.  Since he decided to pursue this career, he would do anything just to have this job.

He prefers to work at home as medical transcriptionist given the luxury to be comfortable and relaxed.

Because medical transcription is most appealing to his interest, he states that the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive medical transcriptionist is the listening skill having enough resources and at the same time being a patient individual.

To become a seasoned medical transcriptionist in the future, he believes that whatever you do, do it in the best way you can.

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