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Thursday, October 21, 2021

I feel uncomfortable every time Google Chrome asks about saving my password whenever I login to my email or websites.  Why Google Chrome keeps on asking to save your password for this site.  Is this really necessary.  I find this too risky especially if you are using a PC or any device that is used by other individuals. It is also risky if you are logging in to your bank accounts or to your any other online accounts that has money on it.

Can you share your thoughts?

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Once we had an interview via mail with a mother who wants to become an audio transcriptionist.  She does not have an experience as a transcriptionist, but she worked as Legal Secretary for 7 years.  She thinks that her typing skills would be an advantage to the this position.  She is very much willing to be trained to become one. 

She is a home bound as a mother and wish to work home based since she is doing some online business at home.  Her familiarity with legal terms makes her think that other business related topics can be easy.  She is also fascinated to do type interviews.

She also believes that her patience, interests and love for whatever she does would be her important qualities to become a productive transcriptionist.

Her advice is not as a seasoned transcriptionist but as a mother who wants to be productive and to be of help to her family despite her age.  Age and status should not be a hindrance for us to learn and earn.

Sunday, October 3, 2021

We all know that in our modern world, media has been a powerful tool when it comes to communication.  In the past years, media has made communication easier as messages can be easily sent to anyone may it be of any form such as broadcast (television and radio), and print (newspaper and magazines).  Through media, people can easily be entertained and informed as well.  Having mentioned that media has been a powerful weapon, we cannot also deny the fact that innovation of technology has contributed much to whatever we have right now.  Innovation of technology is one of the reasons behind the changes we are experiencing in contemporary world.

As technology continues to improve and innovation is much apparent, social media has made its way to be a part of communication.  In fact, through social media, you can easily access anything you want and do whatever you want.  Through Internet, you can easily talk to a loved one, keep in touch with someone, update people around you, watch a movie, listen to music, play a game, and buy anything through online shopping.  As what they say, nothing is impossible with Internet.  As social media continues to evolve, change is unending.

I say this because I am a witness of how things changed from way back then to present.  One example is related to education.  Before, I used to go to school every day because I had to be physically present in class discussions.  That’s how it goes.  I need to be physically present because of the surprise quizzes, graded recitations, activities and seat works.  I had to be physically present to submit personally my home works and projects.  I had to be physically present to talk to my classmates, to ask questions to my teachers, and to explain my side when something is wrong.  But now, everything has changed.  Through Internet, I can answer my quizzes, submit my home works, activities and even communicate with my teachers and classmates.  Nowadays, teachers doesn’t have to go to school as they can just email their students in the same sense that we don’t have to go to school as we can just wait for announcements through email.  What I’m trying to say here is the value of going to school physically is slowly losing its essence because of the changes in our world, particularly in technology and social media.  And the sad thing is, future generation might not experience the things people in the past had experienced.  Soon, maybe there’ll be no more schools since everything can be learned from the Internet and kids have to stay at home in front of their computers or gadgets.  Kids might not have a healthy and fit lifestyle as computers and gadgets will take them away from exercise and physical activities.  You see, all these and more are because of innovation, technology, and social media.

Another example is the usual advertisements we see on televisions or posters.  Before, we can only see advertisements when our television is on, or when we walk along streets and roads.  Because of changes mentioned above, advertisements are everywhere, even on Internet.  What’s worse is: before, we can only view a certain advertisement when we click it, but now, we are forced to see it even we don’t want or need to.  Through YouTube, this is possible.  How?   When we click a certain video, an advertisement will play first and you cannot skip it until a portion of the ad was played already.  This is a smart strategy I must say.  Whoever thought of it was genius, seriously.  In 2013, the most successful ads were the ones played in YouTube.  Now, advertisers may spend less as they can just do this and not pay for airing fee for televisions and radios.

Much has changed already because of innovation and technology, and I know that more changes are about to happen.  As a student, I hope that these changes although most are for convenience, would preserve the practices I’ve had long time ago as nothing could be better than going to school and experience how is it like to be a real student.  As a future media practitioner, I hope that innovation and technology will be used not just for convenience, but to share and spread truth and fairness.  I hope these changes would help the country and the world become better by being united.

About the Contributor:  This post is submitted to adD TransWrite by an audio transcriptionist applicant.  She is an intern in one of media network in the Philippines and has an experience transcribing a lot of interviews.  At the time of this written essay, she is a college student looking for an online job that doesn't require much time.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Almost all audio transcriptionists use a foot pedal.  It is definitely an added advantage to transcribe efficiently faster.  It can be considered as your best friend; a foot pedal is a necessity for many typists.

That's why if you want to start a career in home-based audio transcription, one major equipment you must make sure to get is the foot pedal.  This will definitely increase your productivity when working at home.

If you are using ExpressScribe, for sure you have seen the foot pedal from NCH Swift Sound.  I find it very useful and the one I purchased only cost me $112.40 including the shipping and handling at the time of my purchase.  Always check for their updated price on their website.

It's worth the buy.  I definitely recommend this to every audio transcriptionist  who may want to start a career as home-based audio transcriptionist.


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This article is going to focus on how to enhance the student skills with respect to writing and how to seek help of brilliant and expert custom writing team.

Writing has never been a kid's plays for every individual because even though they are skilled, they don't have ample time or confidence to handle the writing part on their own.  When they face a situation where candidates need to submit the task in stipulated time frame then they have to approach some of the expert team members who could handle the writing and even if required can provide some guidance to the candidates.  When you are turning towards custom writings services for help, it is essential to check whether you're doing is ethical or not. But the recommendation is that before seeking the help do check for the authenticity of the company and its working for all kind of content.

Are you worried about getting your task completed on time and that too with outstanding outcome, and then surely you should go ahead with the writing services.  They are having the qualified team members with required skill sets like PhD and Masters, as they could efficiently handle all kind of stuffs even if they are challenging.  Thousands of students do seek their help in completing their tasks across the globe and are able to get the high quality content or assignments completed in the stipulated time frame.  They do understand that it is a reliable source for getting their work completed without any hassles or issues.  They are having the international status and reputation due to the tasks which has been completed till now.  They do care of the future of candidates due to which they ensure that the content provided to them should be unique and absolutely free from duplicity.  They don't want that the candidate is humiliated in front of the whole class or college, due to which they ensure that the content should be 100% free from plagiarism.

Every professor and teachers want that their students be able to cope with all kinds of challenges with respect to their educational fields.  The difficulties which candidates face are related to the assignments, thesis, essays etc, as they don't know how to move ahead with them in completing it.  There are some scenarios where the teachers do provide candidates with the time ranges which would be difficult as candidates would not be able to manage with their classes.  At such point of time they need to seek help from the experts.

In case if they come across any scenario where the candidate is not at all satisfied with the task completed in such a case they interact with the customer and discuss their issues for better solution. For which they ask the customer support to take the customer feedback or reviews which should not be biased. For interacting with them you could either interact with them directly or can send the message to the expert for getting the issue rectified without any further delays.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Audio transcription is a process of transferring or converting a verbal conversation which can be either a live or recorded into written or electronic text document. This service is provided for various purposes such as a business, legal or the most commonly used is medical purposes.

There is a huge demand for audio transcriptionists these days.  To become successful, there are essential qualities of audio transcriptionists should be observed. There are various businesses that are sending their staff to attend seminars and events who later convert the spoken content into news, magazine etc. By doing this, one must have top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists

An example would be a journalist conducting an interview of a politician or a famous celebrity, who later converts the conversation into writing and prints it in some magazine or newspaper. It is necessary to have the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists to achieve the goal.

One of the known forms of transcription work is audio transcription, this industry is booming these days and has becoming one of the top profit making businesses as it needs persons with the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists.

Various companies tie up with other companies and does script transcription work for them and get the compensation for the work done. The compensation is agreed in different ways such as some may charge for, per word, per minute or per hour etc.

All these agreements are made between both the company owners while signing the contract. These service providing firms accepts recorded speech in the form of audio clip (CD or Cassette), VHS or a sound file and later they assign the task to their associates who convert it into text. These associates are usually hired on a part time or full time work basis. They are compensated according to their performance and productivity.

It’s not an easy task to become an audio transcriptionist. There are various  Top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists required to become successful in this field. The top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists would be:

  1. Attentive: An agent should pay 100% attention while communicating or listening to the recording to avoid any errors.
  2. Excellent Grasping Skills is one of the key to achieve one of the Top top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: If a person’s grasping skills are excellent then only they would remember the whole conversation and convert it with 100% accuracy.
  3. Excellent writing skills is one of the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: Writing without any errors.
  4. Verbatim: Try not to repeat the words or phrases time and again.
  5. No Guess work: A wrong guess can spoil the entire report or data of the recorded file so better avoid it.
  6. Dedication: The transcriptionist should be very dedicated towards its work then only they will be able to provide qualitative and productive work results.
  7. Good Concentration is a good key to achieve one of the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: Concentration is a must to achieve the targets with accuracy.
  8. Computer and device handling skills: A basic computer handling knowledge is a must to handle any issue which can lead to delay in completing the task.
  9. No Shortcuts: No shortcuts should be used such as use of abbreviations for any words.
  10. Formatting: A transcriptionist should always try to follow the same format or pattern described for the task.

Thus to summarize, to become a successful transcriptionist a person needs the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists, if you have it then no one can stop anyone to make a career in this booming industry.


Saturday, September 11, 2021

Magento has been the blogger’s choice due to its comprehensive features and power-packed structure for their eCommerce website. A blogger hires a Magento developer to create a portfolio website for his blogging activity. By all means, whenever a blogger wanting to monetize the blog by getting an eCommerce website, the skills of the Magento developer is necessary.

In this article we will discuss few forerunners that’ll work excellent for developers to create a website for bloggers on Magento platform.

  • Paying attention to each and every element is important when it comes to programming. You miss one thing and all your effort goes into the waste. All programmers don’t have a vision of the future, and how well their program will perform after development. As a Magento developer, a good memory is crucial as you have to remember a lot of classes, objects, and variables to be used in a program. These elements are mandatory so remembering them is also essential. A small mistake can lead to bigger ones so it’s better you do not miss out on anything.
  • There are no boundaries for web developers when it comes to creativity. Every Magento developer has to come up with innovative thoughts and the incredible idea at some points, because these are the factors that will set their websites apart. E-Commerce website as of today are becoming hot favorites for bloggers. And keeping this in mind, developers has to introduce some ‘Never-seen’ elements in their website. It should be done to meet the customer’s expectations.
  • Flexibility in a developer is a must have attribute as following the rules do not work in Magento web development. Break the rules and never constraint yourself to one particular thing as go for different languages instead of sticking to one. However, this requires developer to be good at every language to execute it well. To become a professional developer, learning the techniques of coding in various languages and platform is essential.
  • A Magento developer works as a craftsman whole day to get you what you want. There is no time when he/she is not available when you come across an issue. A Magento developer is summoned immediately as a client encounter an app failure at any time of the day. They are asked to go beyond their limits and stretch hard to live up to expectations. So, these craftsmen are reliable people helping you achieve your goal with on-time project delivery with highest quality.
  • The form of bugs is the major factor behind the delay encountered by almost every developer. Though, developing an app or code without bugs is difficult. Conduct the development process by reducing bugs to create a perfect and clean website. To make a clean development process, there are tools and software available that helps in bug tracking of all types of bugs. With the help of advanced tools, you do not have to worry about anything as developers can implement a website this way with no or minimal bugs.

Having said these indicators to keep Magento developers in creating excellent eCommerce website, bloggers now have a clear understanding about website development and design. It is therefore imperative that a blogger may need to get quality eCommerce website for monetizing his blogging activities.

About the Contributor:  Mark Anderson is a satisfied husband and father living an fruitful life in Texas, U.S.A. He is a business consultant and website developer on a full time basis at


Tuesday, August 17, 2021

People tend to be sports minded by nature to get fit and lose weight. We play all kinds of sports though we lack some facilities and equipment, yet we still manage to play sports in our own way. Filipinos are really ecstatic when it comes to playing. These people can just be found anywhere and everywhere just to play. Haven’t we notice that playing different kinds of sports can be just seen around the corner? May it be in our school, gym, sports arena, in our own house or our backyard and even in the streets. Filipinos are identified to love any kinds of ball games the most. There are lots of sports that we inherited from other countries such as football, baseball, volleyball and basketball. But among these sports, basketball is the most loved by all Filipinos.  Basketball helps Filipinos get physically fit as well.

The Influential Game

Who doesn’t know Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James of the NBA and James Yap, Jeric Teng and the ever-idolized Robet Jaworski of Philippine Basketball Association or PBA? Every young boys admire these stars of basketball. At a very young age, most Filipino boys started playing basketball. It can be seen that young and old people until now still plays this sport whether in the gym or in the streets. This is the most favorite pastime of the boys. Basketball is not only for boys. Women too involved themselves in this game. Mostly, they can be seen in schools playing as a varsity player representing their respective school or just having fun with other girls playing in their own backyards.

Just think how influential this sport has been to everyone. It all started with the legendary National Basketball Association or NBA in the United States. It was then that we Filipinos have our own PBA that molded great players all throughout the time. Lots of young men aspire to be part of the Philippine basketball scene. Of course they want to be the next idol of the Philippine basketball. Or better yet, the next international Filipino basketball star. That’s why at a very early age, children nowadays are very much inclined and exposed in playing basketball.

The Game for Every Kid

In our country, just strolling around the streets, you can find happy kids playing basketball. Good enough for those who have enough space to play with. But it doesn’t matter, because as long as these kids love to play, they will really look for a certain place where they can dribble freely.  At a very young age, these kids can start to get fit and healthy. Basketball can be played by anybody in all walks of life, there is no standard to it as long as you have a ball, a ring and group of friends. However, if you wish to play professionally, then there are certain requirements and criteria to follow. PBA players indulge themselves in trainings, practice, work-outs and exercise. They invest their time to fully achieve such good performance in the court. Just the same with the varsity players in certain schools in which they need to keep their body healthy and fit. They should observe proper diets, enough sleep and time management.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Once in a while, people find blogs that are worth reading and spending our precious time with. Either the topic is interesting, or an updated news, entertainment, or a foodies topic. It really depends on what it is that you want to read for the moment. There are thousands of articles that offer quality blog contents which can be relevant in daily living. If you find a blog that really perks up your attention, then maybe that is the time that you need to click that mouse immediately.

Some of the blogs can be found in blog directories in the Internet, and there are countless sites where you can select:

Alltop. This site is established and co-founded by Guy Kawasaki, a Silicon Valley VIP. He is popularly known to be the best among the best in terms of blogs and other very informative sites. One feature called MyAlltop allows you to save feeds directly into a home dashboard.

Technorati. Known to be a legend in regards to bog directories, it allows the reader to search a particular keyword for a distinct post about a single topic of the complete blog in relation to the topic. This is also a special added feature of this site that is very attractive and helpful. If you are interested to find a blog and discover something new, then this is the place to be. You can customize your own personal dashboard according to what topics you really loved most. Be creative and visualize topics through this feature, and explore whatever you want artistically. This site is a form of internet newspaper based on the popular link that is being shared in other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Your friend’s blog links are shared on this site and literally pops out as a new feed. It also allows breaking down of blog posts based on the topics presented.

In reality, it is easier to find a blog depending on the subject that you are in need. In order to enjoy reading, find blogs that are high in quality content without getting uninterested or boring.


Thursday, August 12, 2021

A person who loves travelling a lot and heads home has so much excitement in his heart to share what he had experienced in his different adventures from a particular destination. Just like a person who travels first time and shoots poetic and magnificent sceneries, the feeling is just awesome. There are various topics to share about; the food, the people, and the fun.

These memories and experiences can actually turn into some earning opportunity if you write and talk about the experience. Why is that so? Because people are simply entertained and love reading travel memories! They get to discover and reach places they had never been, lose themselves in what they read and also share the same excitement with you.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to blog your travel experience.

Sending the message across.
Sometimes, travelling can make some realizations in your personal life. Going to a far away place is often times triggered by some personal reasons aside from relaxation. These reasons whether personal or leisure can be a good theme for you to blog about and send whatever the message is across your readers. 

Business purposes.
For other travellers, visiting fantastic places and destinations is worth some business interests. They generally write down whatever experience they had encountered, good or bad, the delectable cuisine, tradition and culture of the people and the like. These can be used for a travel book, a magazine or even a website which can be a good business idea.

What about selling? It is basically writing and blogging your travel tours, find a blog site if you have none that pays. They will pay you for sharing what you had learned and experienced on that travel journey. Your travel blog will earn revenue in this manner.

See, you get to enjoy the trip to various places and countries, and still earn from your blogs. Therefore, the next time you take that adventure trip, be ready to take down notes, shoot pictures and talk to people you meet. Who knows you will be publishing your own book in the near future.  That’s more than enjoyment you gain, you also have the opportunity to earn.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Alexa rank is the metrics used to measure commercial web traffic of a blog or website. The report is based on collecting data and information on the behaviour of browsing done by audience. The data is transmitted to the Alexa website and analyzed. The lower the Alexa rank, the better for your blog's ranking on Alexa. Most online advertisers use the Aexa rank as the basis of quality of the blog. So therefore, it is important to know how to decrease your blog's Alexa rank - that is if you want to monetize your blog.

1. Install Alexa Toolbar and Claim your Blog. You must Claim your blog from Alexa to get a better start. ou should do this above anything else by copying the code Alexa provided for you (register and login to site) and Add your Alexa verification ID to the home page of your blog or upload the file to the root directory. Once claimed, Alexa can now confirm you as the owner of the blog. Also, you must install the Alexa toolbar to monitor visits to your site and decrease your ranking.

2. Acquire More Traffic. Make certain you have a lot of constant everyday traffic because it is the primary thing to improve your Alexa ranking. The better traffic in your blog, the lower Alexa rank you get for sure.

3. Submit Guest Posts. Write articles to other high quality blogs. It is a strategy that will make your blog be known by other bloggers. The additional backlinks you attained and the advanced quality those links are, the more trendy your blog will be, the healthier you’re going to be ranked in major search engines, the more traffic you’re gaining, and more and more benefits. The reason is that backlinks that you get from guest posts are primarily of the best links you will attain so ask your friends with quality blogs to write for.

4. Create Posts Always. A blog that is popular and has authority must be updated often because your blog needs to keep feeding the demands of its readers. If you need Alexa to notice your blog seriously, you are requires to publish fresh, unique and informative content on standard basis. It’s not adequate to just generate a little blog post or article once or twice a month. You truly need to spotlight on giving quality blog posts as often as you probably can while keeping the quantity up.

5. Be Unique With Your Blog Posts. Write about things no one else posts about. Come up to topics that are important to your audience in original or engaging ways. Do not just create trending or popular topics by just writing them the way they do. Create a new approach on the topic. Fascinate your readers so that they hit your social sharing buttons making your posts viral over the Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

These 5 ways to decrease your Alexa rank are vital to get your blog popular. But these are just some of the many ways where you can decrease your Alexa rank. Find out more and if you feel we missed the important ways, comment below to let us know.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

In the today’s market, the Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and many others are becoming more popular for bloggers due to their latest technologies and features. For us bloggers who are considering iPad for your blogging activities, there are so many latest applications available for which we can take advantage of. These iPad apps can help us in our daily blogging whenever necessary like social sharing of our latest blog posts, capturing images and videos, saving various media in a cloud storage, and many others. Even SEO consultants can use iPad apps to optimize your blog.  Most of the applications for iPad are available to you by paying some amount of money but some of them are available free of cost. In random order, a brief introduction for each app is mentioned below about these 7 free iPad apps for bloggers:

1.       AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the free apps that are made available for iPad. This app has proven to be decent in nature among other weather apps. Its interface is odd but offer fun to the users. There is a presence of lifestyle page which helps in determining the fact that how your recent local conditions may affect through 20 activities that includes stargazing and dog-walking. If you're a travel blogger and planning a trip, this AccuWeather is suitable for you to learn which place to avoid for a bad weather.

2.       Air Video Free

In spite of pessimists complaining about the screen of iPad which has an aspect ratio of 4:3, it is one of the decent devices for playing videos but this device does not support the storage of large video collections. But Air Video Free lets you to stream video from a PC or Mac. There is a limitation behind free version it is that it is capable of displaying only a few items that are randomly selected from each playlist or folder. Using this iPad app, you can have your latest video blog watched on streaming.

3.       Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networking sites that have gone out back and forth for all the mobile versions especially for iPad, have features such as native and smart implementation. With Facebook's free version for iPad, you do not want to use relatively chunky website repeatedly for watching that which of your friends should not have access to the Internet after midnight in reality. Well, obviously you can share whatever blog post you have with this app.

4.       Comics

Comics are one of the innovative apps for iPhones but there is a need of zooming every panel of the screen in a constant manner. Nevertheless, in a similar way, the screen of iPad is large enough for displaying a whole page, with no need of making it scroll or zoom. This app is available in a number of free comics through the bundled store. Comics app is specifically for entertainment blogger who are into action super heroes.

5.       Dropbox

Dropbox is a countless facility that helps in the syncing of documents or files among multiple devices. The client of iPad works in a similar way as the iPhone. This app is a universal app, which enables you to promo many different types of files or documents, and also you can store these marked files in the form of favorites. With Dropbox, you can store your large media files that you attach on your blog posts.

6.       YouTube

YouTube is one of the other apps that have designed for the Apple operating system. The interface is specially meant for iPad and this allows you to play videos on Apple TV. You can able to stream videos of large size with this app free of cost. For video bloggers, you can instantly upload your creations while on the go.

7.       Evernote

Evernote is similar to Dropbox app. This online facility is made available to you free of cost for saving images, documents and web clips with having access from a number of devices. It works in a similar way as it works on the iPhone. It is more beneficial because of large screen of iPad that allows you to watch and navigate your snippets, which are stored earlier in an easy and fast manner. You can use this as an alternative for storing your blog images and other media stuff.

About the Contributor: Sonika has been working with an IT firm where she has attained tremendous knowledge about technology. She started writing articles about buy real twitter followers to help people.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Voice transcription business is very much emerging in the Philippines.  This industry is supposed to take its rise in the next few years just as what other business process outsourcing did.  Many individuals and companies are now taking into deliberation of this foreseen occurrence.  Medical voice transcription seems to be a promising industry.  Home-based voice transcription is increasingly trendy also.  With the right skills and equipments, one can start right away at the own comfort of your home.  Try to keep in mind these pointers in starting a career in voice transcription.

Your skill is one significant factor to deal with.  Some are enrolling to immediate training for this new skill.  First, you need to have a good take hold of your keyboard, and then try to discover new techniques as you go over.  Also, you have to be an Internet talented individual.  Everything in the World Wide Web in actuality helps you to gain knowledge of and expand your knowledge.

Your keenness will lead you to gain your motivation and then consequently, you learn fortitude.  You tend to be more inventive also because you desire on what you want to accomplish.  This approach will keep you going and you ultimately get what you want.

You need to add some complex equipment to your indispensable personal computer.  A foot pedal will help you move your keyboard further.  A top gear headset that will give clarity to the voice is also required to help you comprehend better what you transcribe.  Some software that will increase the voice appreciation will also be of help.  To get hold of work quality, you also need to devote on having a high speed Internet connection.  You will use this for your research that will facilitate you to give the highest precision as feasible.

Your chances of being dynamic will increase as you uphold these factors.  The likelihood of starting you home-based voice transcription on the right pathway will be superior if you will establish these three pointers into your mind.  However, do not bring to a halt from here on.  Try to research to develop your perspective and better achieve your money-making business at home.


Tuesday, August 3, 2021

It is marvelous to take a trip and explore new places and things with family and friends. But sometimes it is also a challenge to take a trip alone one time or the other. Traveling alone can be a good experience for anyone, whatever our personality is, because it can enhance your personal outlook in life whoever you are.

Here are some good reasons why:

No worries. It can be quite demanding to plan a trip with a companion considering you need to make adjustments and coordinate everything with him. Traveling alone lessens the worries by just simply going and planning by yourself, and simply prepare your backpack and go.

Explore more. It is true that there are some things that you would love to try doing that you haven’t done in your entire life. A skydiving maybe or mountain hiking, or just simply eating dishes you can’t even pronounce. You don’t need to think if somebody with you will share the same interests as you would do.

Knowing yourself. If you hadn’t tried going by yourself, now is the time that you will realize that spending the time alone can give you more time to know some great things in yourself. It is more of a soul-searching, that there are more things you can do and accomplished only by yourself, without being dependent on anybody.

New acquaintances. If you are the outgoing type, this trip can give you the chance to meet new friends and get to learn new things from them. Being alone can be more approachable compared to being in a group. It would be nice to talk with folks you meet down the road, but just be sure to be extra careful to know if the people look and feels dangerous.

Savoring time. Deciding to have some relaxation like taking a spa longer than you want will not burden a companion if you are alone. You don’t have any obligation to anyone but yourself and won’t even waste the time waiting for your company in whatever he wants to do that you won’t enjoy either.

Saturday, July 31, 2021

Most bloggers are familiar with writing interesting articles but somehow they are short of the talent to generate traffic on their blog site. Without traffic or readers/followers, blogging will not be satisfactory enough to produce a generous amount of money to earn.

Majority of bloggers searched via Google about tips and tricks on how to improve their blogs. Some of them want to increase the traffic of their blog site. Others like to know how to make money from blogging.

In order to make your blog significant for the search engines to notice, you must learn essential blogging tips and tricks. Most bloggers find a way to become successful. To provide some of these tips and tricks, here we provide some of what we do to make your blogging experience more profitable.

Write your posts in quantity.

Don’t write all your ideas in one article. Try to split your topics in a more specific one. Most often, a 500-word article is enough for one post. Well, if you have more to write, you can create another post and keep it for your next day posts. In this way, your blog followers will get back to your blog site to get new posts relevant to what they read previously.

Review your previous blog posts.

Don’t let your old posts just sit there and not being noticed. As you write your blogs on a daily basis, take time to get back to your old posts. You can also link them to your new posts. This will help your blog quality. Previous posts somehow need to be read time after time. If your previous article has not gained much attention from readers, try to add more importance by proofreading and editing that.

Create quality content in what you post.

Blog readers look at the value of your content. They are more than fascinated in reading something surprising but interesting. What matters most to your followers are your writing style, blog design, and topics you discussed. You can look for comments through your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Let them know that you value their points of views. Acknowledge their criticisms to improve your blog quality.

Make your writing easy and clear to understand.

Simple and reasonable writing are easy to be noticed by readers. Create a blog that is suitable to a wide variety of people. The easy to read your blog will be, the more it will attract attention to common readers.

Use the social media to make your blog popular.

Your blog will be insignificant if you alone reading your posts. Make it known by sharing your blog posts in social media. Try to Tweet your posts as often as you want. Share it to your Facebook friends by inviting them to your blog Facebook page. Make your blog available to every social media platforms.

These are just some of the essential tips and tricks to blogging. You can also device your own ways to make your blog popular and just stick to it to get good results.

Thursday, July 29, 2021

If you’re a fanatic of soccer and are planning to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup, then you’d better not go to Doha just for the sport or you’re just plain crazy. Aside from the affluent sports cars and the towering skyscrapers, there is a whole lot more to encounter in Qatar’s metropolis. Here’s a few.

The first thing to do upon arrival is to grasp the subtlety of the fusion of deserts and a city. Ride a dhow cruise, a local boat typical in the Indian Ocean, and ferry across the Doha Corniche during night time to witness the urban lights of the metropolitan. It seems that it is not so popular for the visitors to do the dhow cruise yet in Doha.  I should have done this when I was in Qatar.  Also, if you fancy the majesty of deserts because of the movie ‘Aladdin’, then a desert safari far from the high-rises is ideal for you.

Because of the rapid modernization of Qatar, the Arabian lifestyle is steadily disappearing. So how can we still experience this? Fortunately, at the heart of Doha lies the more than a 100-year-old Souq Waqif or ‘standing market‘. It’s an open marketplace which sells distinct local products such as spices, clothing, pets and etc. Watch out for its occasional art galleries, festivals and concerts!

The historical Persian Gulf surrounding the city has been a prime melting pot of civilizations for thousands of years. The Museum of Islamic Art, Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art and the Qatar National Museum will take you through the evolution of Qatar’s politics and culture.

Lastly, the most astonishing feature of the topography of Doha is the Pearl. It is a land reclamation effort for residential and tourism purposes and is situated on the coastline of the Persian Gulf. The islands in it have unique themes such as its Qanat Quartier which emulates the canals of Venice. Foreigners can actually reside in the Pearl permanently.

Doha isn’t just rich because of its country’s oil reserves. It has these landmarks which epitomize the gilded culture and history of Qatar.

Saturday, July 24, 2021

Blogs contain delicate information, of great importance based on how they are exposed by the manner of expressing the proper terminologies for clarity and understandability.  The author therefore must be very supportive of his views and messages with education as its major objective.

Definitely, take the example of the students using the computers. The gadgets hands unto the students the latest and most informative topics toward the enhancement of their knowledge much more their abilities.  However, once the explanations in the articles are not so well-suited, the readers will misinterpret the contents and take negative ideas.

Blogs may create a wrong impression among readers or the articles may construe an opposite meaning.  This is the reason why they are simply written for ease of comprehension.

Blogs present reality.  They originate from reliable sources which the writer encounters, frankly written, yet, never to insult. Like as said that computers were invented for everyone’s benefit, it states that computer operators and parents must cooperate so that young students’ time and money are spent for the information they extract from the Internet, a few minutes for relaxation but never devoted to a maximum playing of games. Nobody oppose Internet but this may pose a hindrance to education once improperly used.

As regards the Samaritan deed of sharing, when the more fortunate could not partake, even ordinary citizens are capable of doing.  Despite changing generations, humanitarian acts never vanish.  This is the importance of man to his fellowmen; that no man could live alone towards survival.

This is how blogs work.  They are important in enhancing the interests of the readers to make them hesitant of why things are being done …. what they are all about… that once they find these right, they accept… once wrong, they reject.

In this manner, readers will be trained to analyze issues that puzzle them, and find solutions to arising problems. They compose the importance of blogs - the topics to be read, to be understood to ease difficulties, to entertain, to be more knowledgeable in weighing things and to attain best outcomes.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Are you establishing a strategy to increase your website traffic? This is considered as the top priority in the to-do list in terms of online business industry. Why is this so?

This is for the simple reason that every online entrepreneur needs conversion to gain more profit. Studies had shown that almost a large percentage of these businesses do not have their own websites and the other percent are even invisible online.

Here are some tips on how to boost and increase your website traffic, thus optimize your site:

Make sure to accumulate backlinks. This can be an important factor in enhancing your website traffic. The list of the local directories can help where you can also have your business listed. You can also promote and advertise using newspaper sites and with any other website that is related to your business. The link from the directories can enhance the authority and search engine power to your website and eventually increase your traffic for the time being.

Produce and create your own business blog. This is also relatively necessary though it becomes an obligation and will eat time. Blogs are ways to increase traffic especially if it is retained in the same domain related to your website. These can be easily shared with your social networking friends and invites additional visitors to visit your website.

Keywords research. Do you know that keywords can do wonders? Simply incorporate keywords related to your business on the content of your blogs. As long as they are not too competitive and comes naturally, your blogs can absolutely increase your website traffic.

Social media promotions. Promoting online using social networks can be very interesting and fun at the same time. Try embedding a share button on the pages of your websites. This way your visitors can help in sharing the blogs to their own circle of friends and eventually generate traffic.  It will help improve your search engine optimization in the long run.

Online press releases. Few had known that a simple press release can be a strong business weapon. You can make your presence known by just simply posting events such as the announcement of a new product, monthly sales or introducing a new employee. Although it can be a bit time-consuming yet, it is free, and any other way of promoting is always a good investment.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

The WordPress Plugin User Submitted Posts lets the users or visitors of your website to post comments or images on the website with the help of short codes or template tags. Normally the posts users add to the website are in forms of tags, categories, titles or anything similar. You have the right to choose the privacy settings of the posts users add to the website. You can either put up the privacy such that every posts requires your approval before appearing on the site or you might give a free hand to the users and allow them to post anything with you approving it. Along with posts, users are also allowed to post images too. All this can be taken care of from the ‘admin settings page’.

Allowing your visitors to submit posts or images

With the help of User Submitted Posts (USP) you can easily display a public post submission anywhere you like on your website. To add submission form on a post or page you can use the USP short code and the USP template tag. This form can be used by site visitors to add posts. You can choose input fields according to your will, following are examples of few:

  • Author Name
  • Author URL
  • Post Title
  • Post Tags
  • Post Category
  • Post Content
  • Image upload(s)

The settings page lets you decide what you want to appear on your fields, the quantity of number of images you want to allow, the size of the image, location redirecting, message errors and much more. You can set up anything you want in terms of user-submission for your site powered by WordPress by using the submitted post option. Following are a couple of examples to change USP plug in:

  • Visitors who want to share links using tags.
  •  Post, title & author can be displayed using Simple Submit News form.
  • Using forms which will allow attachment of images.
  • Use image up loader with titles or tags.

WordPress saves any posts submitted by users as default in the “drafts”, if the privacy settings say so; otherwise they can be changed to ‘publish immediately’. Another option for submission is when a specified number of users approve the post to be published.

Initially there was no way to add to the article count. The ways which existed such as repurposing the present content were not easy. But now this isn’t much of a trouble. A tool named EzineArticles WordPress Plugin will do the job for you. You can add as much articles as you want and send them to the website. Along with this, you can stay on WordPress and choose selected articles to post.

This superb WordPress Plugin also has other perks like its capability of observing the review status of the freshly articles that were submitted from the administrative interface of WordPress.

This article is directed towards brilliant minds that can guide us in how to improve the WordPress Plugin for better result. We are looking forward in sharing and teaching you how to allow your WordPress users to submit posts and news to the site. If you have the right skills, you can also make helpful use Akismet for spam filter.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

The word everything is misleading. There are no tools out there that will allow you to test everything. This article gives you seven tools that will test things that may be important to you.

There are a lot of things to test for when creating a website, and there are lots of different tools out there. Lots of them are not very reliable, and many of the good ones must be paid for.

Have a look over the tools on this list to see if any may suit you and your website. As a warning, be careful when you enter your personal details into sites like these, as you have no idea who you are passing this information on to.

1. W3C markup validation service

This is a validator that checks the markup validity of your Web documents in HTML, XHTML, MathML, SMIL, etc. Whatever you may think of validators, it is always good to have the extra pair of eyes on your website, even if the eyes are software. Yes, it is true that is will miss glaring mistakes and at times it will give you bad advice, but can anyone say this is a terrible thing? After all, the spell-checker on word processors has the same faults and few people complain about that. At least the validator can pull you up on things that you missed by accident such as forgetting to close a line of code.

2. Links Validator

Grit your teeth as you read, as this is not really a “test everything” tool as promised in the title, but it is very useful and should be an addition to your current set of tools. There are other link validators that may be attached to bigger software, but this is a good one to have on its own. It will analyze your hyperlinks in your HTML/XHTML document. It is great for showing you your broken links, but the easy to use options means that you can check linked documents recursively, or hide redirects, or show a summary only, and a number of other options too.

3. Gomez

This is a tool that will test your website for 30 techniques relating to mobile website design. Each test will be rated from one to five. The poor results will show you where you need to improve and the good results will show you where you are doing well. The results are pretty self explanatory, and it also comes with a number of tips to help you improve your website once the tests have been run. You can improve your site and how compatible it is with other browsers.

4. WebAIM Wave 

This will test the accessibility of your website and will test it on technical levels. The details are then displayed back to you so that you can see where you are going right and wrong. It may easily reveal the accessibility of your page.

5. Pingdom Tools

This is a tool that is a few improvements away from genius. It tests your website on things such as speed and does it by testing how long it takes for certain website elements to load. Using this tool you can see which website elements are slowing down your website the most. You can then remove or improve your heavier and slower web elements.

6. Ahrefs Site Explorer & Backlink Checker

This is a very good tool that you can use for free a little before you pay them any money. It is fantastic for pulling up information relating to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your backlinks. The great thing about this program is that it deals in statistics that it also puts into very easy-to-understand graphics/visualizations. It is not just an SEO checker that is dedicated to an Alexa Rank or a Google PageRank. It gives you a lot of statistics so that you can analyze and evaluate them as you wish.

7. DotMobi Emulator

This one is a bit of a kicker because it requires you to download that stupid Java browser plugin that so many hackers love to exploit us with. Still, if you have the stomach for it then you can use this emulator to have a look at how your website looks on mobile devices. It is very good for testing your website on very old devices as well as newer devices. It means that you may avoid quite a number of problems with regards to compatibility and bugs that present on other browsers or screen sizes.

About the Contributor: Kate Funk is a self-employed writer at She primarily focus to write on topics about technology, gadgets and all the latest SEO trends which are attention-grabbing for networking aficionados.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Blogging is already becoming popular especially to netizens. Netizens are people who are always in touch with their computers, and is very active with everything that is going on around the net. The meaning of a blog is actually a colloquial term from the word Weblog, which simply means writing in a more personal journal about anything under the sun such as travels, food, or just about any topic that comes to one’s mind. After this, it is being published on a particular web page, either by the writer or a different set of people.

Blog definition can also vary into a verb form, such as ‘posting something on a particular blog,” or “ I want to blog about this park,” or anything similar to those. These blogs when posted on some sites can either be commented, or can receive suggestions which is a good interaction between the reader and the blogger.

Some people take blogging seriously, and by doing so, can make money out of it. Companies who employ bloggers would love to be read on blogs just focusing on the business itself, the products and services. This is one way for bloggers to earn, at the same time making their names popular for more blogs.

Others blog for fun. They just enjoy blogging every day, keeping other readers posted on what he had experienced on a daily basis. This is more common to people who travel and who loves to go around places that promotes some attractive tourist spots or serves a particular exotic food.

The meaning of a blog can all be the same, but the purpose of writing blogs varies. If you want to be a professional blogger, you might as well learn the basics. The basic can actually mean, you love what you’re doing and you make money out of it. That is true especially when you read personal blogs of other people who shares their day to day experiences.

There are things better written than talking about. Blogging is some form of expression that can be very beneficial both to the reader and the blogger.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

In 2016, our blog received various comments noteworthy to post.  Here are a few of their insight about various topics:-

Ruby Ann Flores
Ruby Ann 
Feb 16, 2016

I have applied for a medical transcription position. The fact that I’m a registered nurse I still find it a little bit hard for sometimes I forgot the acronym of some of the medical abbreviations and their corresponding spellings. I think it would be easier for me to transcribe in layman’s term rather than in medical. As of the moment, I’m working as a marketing staff in one of the companies here in Makati and I assume that I will find it easier to transcribe business related materials rather than medical.

Feb 14, 2016

For me the easier to transcribe is medical transcription may be its because of my field of profession which is I am graduate of bachelor of science in nursing. As a medical transcription is to listen the dictated recordings made by the physicians and other healthcare professionals and transcribe them into medical reports. They listen to recordings by using headset, using foot pedal to pause the recording when it is necessary and key the text into a personal computer, editing as necessary for grammar and clarity. The documents that they produce includes discharge summaries, medical history and physical examination reports, operative reports, consultation reports, diagnostic-imaging studies, progress notes, and referral letters. The medical transcriptionist will return the transcribed documents to the physicians or other health care provider who dictated them for review and signature or correction of the documents. These documents is generally become part of patients permanent files. To understand the accurate transcribe dictated reports, you must understand the medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, diagnostics procedures, pharmacology and treatment. Or when you need medical reference materials you can also see it in your medical books if you have available or you can see it in internet. While the general transcription is what they called business transcription or other type of transcription that is not medical or legal. The materials that you transcribe may it come from almost anywhere or anyone but the most general transcription will generally come from types or categories. And that is why I choose to transcribe medical transcription.

Feb 14, 2016

As I have experienced applying / taking exams in General Transcription position.
I noticed that G.T is more likely a business transcription. The audio is all about checking stocks, delivering stocks, appointments, product reservations and for me it is quite easier than Medical transcription because M.T is more specific, e.g. Medical Terms, and I didn’t experience or I am not interested in medical terms. So, for me the general transcription is easier.

Ma. Verna Rica R. dela Peña
Ma. Verna
Feb 13, 2016

Dear Archie,

With your post, now I was able grasp an understanding of the transcription industry. I still would like to pursue a job on this field as this enhances my hearing and typing skills while I am exposed to other industries. I also would like to take the opportunity to be part of other industries, be helpful in their emerging developments and be a part of their way to success. Hopefully, many people will also learn this job in the future and be able to help them in many ways. I think, a mutual relationship can be built on this kind of industries.

Ma. Regina V. Salazar
Ma. Regina 
Feb 12, 2016

I am a certified Medical Transcriptionist and has experienced 18 months of home-based medical transcription. An overview of General Transcription from your site has caught my attention and realized that transcription is not only in-demand in the medical and legal fields but in so many other fields of work as well and home-based at that. I am very much interested and I am willing to undergo tests and/or interview at your convenience.

Lourdes Lapso
Feb 7, 2016

General transcription is easier compared to Medical Transcription because it does not require the applicant extensive training to become an MT. But even general transcription is not that easy. Transcriptionist must posses above average typing speed. Good hearing acuity and proficiency in the English language.

Roselyn Hugo
Feb 3, 2016·

I find it exciting whether GT or MT, though I haven’t experience both yet but when you try to look at it, they both give you experience, knowledge and self development. I may not have any experience in transcribing but I’m willing to try.

Seychell Almarez
Feb 2, 2016

I studied medical transcription initially but I did not end up as a medical transcriptionist. I’m not used to medical terminology because I’m not a nurse or something like that that’s why it’s hard for me have a work in this field. This is the reason why I became a general transcriptionist. I’ve been working as a general transcriptionist for 3 years now.

Ginny Villa-Real
Jan 29, 2016

I’ve had some experience in general transcription in the past. I believe that even though it seems pretty simple and mechanical to be a transcriptionist, one has to have certain skills on hand, such as: language proficiency, comprehension, above average computer know-how (including typing ability), and general familiarity with a wide range of topics. My experience proved to me how useful these skills are in terms of efficiency and quality of output. The scope of topics that usually need transcribing makes it easy to appreciate how useful and lucrative this industry is.

Brian Bentley
Jan 25, 2016

As with anything else specialisation is the key to getting the best transcription, being an expert in the field that is being transcribed helps a great deal because if the person knows what the word actually means they can use better grammar while transcribing.
This is even more true when transcribing into another language, because often a sentence may have to be re-arranged slightly to make sense, or there may be no direct translation of the word so a close approximation will be needed.

mary jade damondamon
mary jade 
Jan 20, 2016

Medical Transcribing is very much difficult for people who are not familiar in medical terms. They find it difficult to spell. General Transcribing may also be difficult if the speaker you are transcribing has a native English pronunciation such as Chinese, Korean, or Japanese people.