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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Getting audio transcription training nowadays is a best practice in the business by some of the transcription company either in medical or legal fields. This is also widely used by secretaries and other professional groups that deal with audio transcription jobs. Because in audio transcription you will learn a lot of things like correct grammar composition and spelling of words.

You will learn how to create business documents and letter that is necessary in your job such as memos, correspondence, and reports. In this training, you may also improve your typing skills and your listening acuity. It also helps you a lot in terms of transcribing document especially in appropriate style guides in paragraph formats.

When you work as audio transcriptionist, you have your own flexible pace and you can choose your own work hours.  That is why, audio transcription training can help a lot for those who want to start their own business doing audio transcription. There is a step-by- step guidelines in a audio transcription business that you need to learn.

Even without adequate experience, do you think you can start as a transcriptionist?

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary define medical transcriptionist as one who transcribes dictated “medical” reports.  Transcriptionist is one who types information that he or she hears from an audio file into a document format.  In other words, transcriptionist is one who turns audio into text.  Sounds simple, does it?  Download a file, put on your headphones, type for a while, email the transcript according to the client’s specifications, and wait for the feedback; but is it really that simple?

Unfortunately, it is NOT.  To be an effective transcriptionist, you need a considerable skills and lots of common sense.  You should have good typing skills, English skills, research skills, listening skills, computer literacy, professional work habits, and certain personality characteristics -- that is if you enjoy reading for long hours, if you enjoy writing, if you enjoy learning, if you enjoy typing and don't mind typing for hours at a time.

Whilst it is true that experience may be an added plus, it is not a guarantee she or he may deliver good-productive output in the end. Skills are indeed a prerequisite to be an effective transcriptionist. However, when skill is not enough, especially for those you wanted to start a career as transcriptionist, what can compensate for it? I believed as long as you can follow directions, work independently, and focus at the work at hand, if you are not easily distracted or get frustrated, if you are organize and have good time management to meet the deadlines, if you can work discreetly and keep confidentiality, then you can be a transcriptionist... If you have the right attitude, personality, and work habits, even without adequate experience, any small differences in the skills can be learned, improved, and acquired in time.

Medical/General transcription is not an easy task.

It does not only require very good English and grammar but also experience, intelligence and discernment. It is the job of the transcriber to listen for meaning and make intelligent decisions on the best way to render the spoken word in written form. Transcription is not quite as straightforward as it may seem; an important example of which is that people do not always speak in proper sentences and there are a lot of guidelines that we need to follow.

Even if you do not have an enough experience as a transcriptionist, you can be confident that you will be able to perform the task accurately and correctly. You are very eager to apply all the knowledge and skills that you have learned from school, being a registered nurse is an advantage (for medical transcriptionist) because it would not be so hard to transcribe medical reports if there are any. Your exceptional passion for this job is one of the important key in rendering a quality service to your clients.




Blogger and WordPress are two popular blogging platforms as of today. Many bloggers are arguing which is better and why. Both have each own advantages and disadvantages that a beginner should know. Comparing Blogger and WordPress will help you decide.

Blogger is free and is hosted by Google. You can configure a style that would suite you and add some of Google’s properties like YouTube, Gmail and Google+. You may feel secure using it just don’t lose your Google password account. You can expect no downtime since it is handled by the most secured host and your article could be indexed as fast as a blink of an eye. You could also earn in your writings if you will integrate it with Adsense which is also supported by Blogger. On the other hand, many bloggers especially with businesses don’t find it enough. Some complains for a lack of choices in the designs and doesn’t support more plugins that could enhance their blogging sites. Add to that is the fact that you don’t own your domain, thus Google has the right to terminate you site in any case.

WordPress on the other hand is being praised by many especially bloggers with earning targets. It supported a lot of plugins and designs that could definitely be one of a kind compared to many users. There are two platforms of WordPress, the free one; which is the and for pay which is the These platforms come with a lot of features and you can easily install and activate plugins of your choice. It integrates with a lot of blog directories which could add traffic to your sites and generate more income potential. With WordPress you own your own domain which means you have rights to all contents of your blog unlike Blogger.

As a beginner, the simplest choice is the Blogger. You get to learn and build up your own site without much difficulty. This platform has a sense of personal touch while having the fun of updating your circle of friends. But if you opt for more adventures and uniqueness, then WordPress is at your service. Not only sending traffic to your site but generating and reaching a lot of income opportunities which is limitless in the web.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Now a days, consumers are becoming smarter and demands useful information. Thus, sharing relevant information can provide you with potential opportunities to create referrals and turn them into clients. How? Blogging is a cost-effective technique that help businesses to build reputation and influence – which helps bring more traffic to the company site.

According to a survey conducted by Hubspot – how blogs lessens the overall marketing costs compared to traditional marketing methods, as shown in the image below.

Here in this guest post I'll be throwing light on three basic yet important blogging benefits – which will help broaden your business reach in today's wobbly and competitive web sphere. 

Gravitate People Towards Your Website.

Every business owner wants to drive more website visitors. Now, let's think of the ways in which your target audience finds your site.

  • They typed the name of some products and services that you might be offering. They found your name, you're right in front of their eyes, but that doesn't means they'll access your site. And suppose even if they do, it can't bring you enough traffic.
  • You can choose to pay for paid ads, but that can be expensive for businesses on a shoestring budget. Once you've exceeded your budget probably you'll stop placing paid ads, and the traffic would also stop coming.
  • You may buy an email list and send your company newsletter in a blast, and hope for people to click on the emails – inviting people to visit your site. But what if they don't click-through the mail?

Certainly, looking at the aforementioned factors will leave you in bewilderment. You might be wondering about some permanent and cost-effective solution to bring in more people towards your site. This is where blogging comes in.

Writing a blog post means adding an indexed page on your site – every indexed page increases your chances to rank high on search engines, which augments your chances to get discovered by the target customers. 

Enhance User Engagement.

There are dozens of websites on the web sphere, and every day you can see a new site getting launched. Getting your site noticeable in the sea of websites can sometimes be a daunting prospect. Albeit, you're getting visitors to your site, assuring that they'll revisit it time and again requires increasing the engagement quotient of your website.

Before moving ahead, let's understand the reason behind the significance of improving user engagement! The answer is very simple – the longer a visitor stays on your site, greater are the chances that they'll be taking up your services. If you're providing useful insight to your readers, they can't resist to stay for a bit longer on your site. What's more? Writing fresh and informative posts encourage visitors to share your content on social networks like Twitter, Facebook etc., and thereby makes you and your brand noticeable to new audience.

Moreover, posting new blog posts frequently with thought-provoking concepts, will encourage people to come back for more. 

Turn the Traffic to Potential Leads.

Now that you have a blog that keeps your site's visitors engaged, by putting in a little efforts you can convert your visitors into leads.

As discussed earlier, every blog means a new indexed page, likewise your each post increases the opportunity to generate new leads. However, make sure to add call-to-action elements to every blog post. The calls-to-action elements generally includes free product trial, option to “download” a free piece of content and much more.

Put simply, placing any content asset that entices people to exchange their information for, can help to carry out traffic-to-lead conversions. A call-to-action button lets your visitors explore even a short text on a web page, and plays a vital role in converting your visitors into clients. But it's imperative to optimize the call-to-actions, since conversions depends on them.

Adding effective CTAs in the blog posts can attract your visitors attention, and can transform them to leads. For instance, in the image shown below you can see there is a call-to-action button “Get Free Download”, well who doesn't like to have freebies. So, any consumer would without much ado will click on the CTA.

So, when writing blogs keep in mind to add compelling CTAs – that compels visitors to click-through through them. 

Let's End It!

Regardless of whether you own a small or a large business organization, blogging can help you expand your reach to a greater number of people – without investing huge chunks of money. Also, blogging helps establish you as a brand in your realm and creates brand awareness. Reading the aforementioned factors will help you understand the benefits offered by blogging for your business.

About the Contributor: Rick Brown is an experienced technical writer associated with a Mobile Application Development Company – Mobiers Ltd. Being associated with a firm, he can assist you you to avail the skilled Mobile Application Developer, in case you are looking forward for the same.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Taking a trip alone can be very fulfilling. You can sense a feeling of freedom and independence. Your emotions are a mixture of excitement and adventure, of what lies ahead, alone, and it's only you and nobody else. No worries, nobody to take care of, and only you to enjoy whatever you will be doing and have fun wherever you go. Some form of escape perhaps, to unwind, relax, do some soul-searching and just do anything under the sun. This can be a rewarding experience. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman.

Here are some reasons why you need to travel alone at least once in your life:

Total freedom and independence. Traveling alone is a memorable experience. Imagine yourself doing anything alone to please your wishes, and desires? You can go to any place without waiting for anyone, you can eat your food whichever way you want, you can sleep for all you care and wake up with nobody to think of but yourself. No need of compromises, time constraints and debates. Savor it.

Dare Yourself. Traveling with only a backpack for yourself can be worthwhile, yes, because it will be only you who will be responsible for yourself, and your decisions. You need to trust your own choices, based on your instincts and belief. This will test you and who you are, and your limits.

Soul searching. This is the most treasured moments that you should cherish. Time spent alone is also time to do some soul searching. There would be times that you will be lonely, but you can fill that hollow space by just communing with yourself, the nature, and perhaps the Creator. This is the time that you can assess and reassess yourself, your priorities and what-have-you in your life. Have a deeper insight of other people, your friends, your job and your family.

Go home with a renewed spirit, and a transformation of a new perception of the world. Sometimes, you cannot see the value of life when you are in a crowd. You need to experience things alone to be able to appreciate yourself and the people around you.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Working at home is very convenient for me.  I can work on my own time schedule; I don't have to worry about my kids, I don't spend for fare to go to the office, traffic, food, clothes to wear and more things that you can consider in going to a regular job.  I can check my kids from time-to-time, I can walk with them to school, prepare their things, help them with their homework, and I can have dinner with them.

In the convenient environment of my home, my computer is very close to my bed.  Of course, there were times that I feel like lying down and sleep more.  Being sleepy has been a challenge for me especially when it is Monday.  Sunday is the busiest day of the week for me because of some church duties.  For sure, you know the feeling of "It's Monday again," right?

So then, I looked for ways to mood myself in working just like when I was in a regular office.  First, I prepare for work:  I dress up and put a little makeup.  I make sure that I dress appropriately and I look like a professional.  I'm having online video English classes so the look is very important.  However, I still make sure that I dress appropriately even if I don't have students.  This makes my mood be "at work mode."

Second, I still have this habit of making a cup of coffee or tea and cleaning my desk an hour before my working time.  Although, I'm at home I set the alarm on my phone for work time.  It is like it, "log in" time for me.  This is important so that I won't be late for work and to manage my time well too.

I also play my favorite music playlist while I work, so I can think well and keep myself in the work mode whenever I'm waiting for my students or writing.  It is advisable to have a lively playlist depending on the genre that you are listening.  I usually listen to Christian rock bands or to worship songs.

I also take some short breaks like 5 to15 minutes, to rest my eyes, eat a little, or make another cup of coffee or tea.  It is also a short break to check my Facebook, email, chat with friends and read some motivational quotes or Bible verse to keep myself motivated.  Even if my working station is just five steps to my bed, I keep this "work mode" habit because this is where I earn money with the convenient of my home.

About the Contributor:  This is an opinion by a work-at-home mom about home-based work shared to us in our blog.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

I have been trying to get a six-pack abs and so far I'm almost there.  Since I started working out in the gym, I make sure to add an ab workout in my routine.  Most often after the workout, I notice some changes on my abs structure.

Never it comes to my mind that there is a proven effective 15-second ab workout.  I tried it and here is the video of how it works for me.

When I'm so slim, my abs really shows after a total body workout.  But every time I gain weight mostly on my tummy, I have a hard time getting a six-pack abs.

Saturday, March 20, 2021

You read it right.  It is not true that your life only begins when you reach 40 years old.  I'm near 40 and this is my realization.  Don't get me wrong - I have a beautiful life though.  Once, I wrote about me being in my 30s here.

Stop being pessimistic about it. This is the stage of your life that is almost done. Considering that life expectancy these days is slim, say most people die at the age of 60; you're lucky enough if you reach 70. So you only have a few years left living. Another 10 or 20 years seems long, but life is getting fast paced.

There's nothing much now you can do with your life when you reach 40 years old. At this time of you're life once and for all be realistic. Don't live your life like there's still tomorrow full of hope.
You must have a good sense of wisdom by the time you reach 40. your life isn't like the way it was before when you're younger. Make yourself aware of this.

It's not being harsh to oneself thinking life really is not a new beginning when you reach 40. All you have to do is wake up from a dream that never will be happening to your life.

When you're 40 years old, your body is not that energetic as it used to be. Every part of your body deteriorates and it will continue the moment you turn 41 or so. Your mind is not that sharp anymore as you age. This is the time of your life that you lose most of your productive time. All you want to do is rest and rest after a week of work.

You are mostly not interested doing new things in life. This is the truth about being 40 years old. You don't care to start anything else. You only continue to do whatever is necessary and needed. It is a customary day to day life only.

So you must not think that life begins at 40. It is full of imaginative thinking only.

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

In 2005, I studied Medical Transcription to change a career from being a food technologist.  When finished training on a medical transcription school, I immediately attended the on-the-job  training.  It was facilitated by the school.  Somehow, this type of employment can be as achieved on various medical transcription companies offering this type of internship.  Similar to job hunting, you must first send you OJT application to them.  This would practice your skills in looking for a job.

It can be a tedious way of looking of an internship as medical transcriptionist.  Some companies may offer a salary package or some may only give you allowances.  You may or may not be hired as a medical transcriptionist also, keep that in mind.

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Is it possible to make money just simply writing blogs? 

Work at home moms who need a change of career can definitely do this gig at the comfort of their homes. Women, at one point in their lives have to choose between career and family. So you ask yourselves, what shall I do to help in the earnings of my husband? That is always the dilemma of a wife and a mother, giving up on her career, forgetting her own dreams for the sake of the children.

Today, technology had been helping these work at home moms to pursue a different career by using the Internet, and still taking care of the house responsibilities. Also, if the reason of you dropping your job is that you are not happy anymore and you think your work is getting into your nerves, then it is time to break away and explore other possible means.

If the situation says you have no other options but to give up your day work to prioritize the kids, don’t lose heart. Instead, think of the many ways that you still can do to make your time more productive while enjoying the family. If you have skills in writing, try and discover yourself. Blogging is one way to realize your ideas and also a form of expression. But you can also make money out of it by being a blogger.

Work as a Mom Blogger

There are many websites that offer to pay blogs and writing, which are also lucrative. As long as you make quality ones, there is always that chance that you will get paid for what you have worked. Blogging is actually simpler to professional article writing for some, because sometimes it’s just like making a journal of your daily activities, where you’ve been or sharing some tips on parenting. Just tell a story where every work at home moms can relate or can be helpful to other moms. That can well be readable.

In addition, those who are currently employed can also write blogs as a part-time gig. This way, you can have additional income. Those stay-at-home moms can always try this idea. It can help you financially and you will enjoy it tremendously especially if you have the passion that needs to be re-discovered.

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Over all these years, web design has encountered a lot of innovations and risks. Both, amateurs as well as proficient web designers have always been trying something out-of-the-box for their website design projects. With a typical series of web design recommendations available in the web market, choosing one that suits the customized needs of clients is a tiresome job. In order to curb all the confusions regarding selection of the right web design tip, today I'd be making you familiar with something entirely different.

Here, I bring to you 5 web design tips that are 100% unique and will hopefully let you push your imagination a little.

Web Design Tip No.1-First focus on message, followed by emphasizing on marketing

An incredible count of web designers loves emphasizing on the marketing aspects of a product above everything else. This is a wrong approach. Although there are web design activities that render immediate results, you must ensure to create the meaning first. In other words, your web design must be able to connect with the visitors on an emotional level. Even if your business doesn't take-off instantly, creating a bond with the visitors will aid you in getting recognized on a global basis.

Web Design Tip No.2-Follow a reverse approach during web designing

Unlike the traditional format of web designing including home page design, placement of content, pictures, call to action buttons etc., it is recommended to work in reverse. Consider building the standard sub-pages first, followed by designing the home page etc. To top it all, instead of focusing on the look of web pages, focus on what they're intending to convey and how you'll be keeping the people engaged.

Web Design Tip No.3- Content and Design Go Hand In Hand

There are many business professionals who prefer creating their own content as an approach to save money. Well, it is good if you can create a high quality content, but if you aren't a professional writer, you can make your business look unprofessional via boring and grammatically incorrect web content. Hence, it is recommended to pay heed to content creation while undertaking the web design process. With a professional writer penning down your business story, you'll be able to design in a way that would captivate your audience brilliantly.

Web Design Tip No.4-Don't flood the website with features

Although there's nothing wrong with incorporating some cool features into your website, overdoing it can easily ruin things. Too many web designers have already got caught up with the idea of adding numerous features into their web designs. This is something that needs to be avoided on an immediate basis. I recommend you to have only those features which add value to your site. If you're unsure about the worth of a particular web design feature, opt for avoiding it as a whole.

Web Design Tip No.5-Social Media isn't great

Social Media Integration is indeed the hottest buzz in today's web design industry. Adding social media icons has become a popular trend among global web designers. Yet, it is beneficial to realize the fact that telling your business story via social media won't help you develop a successful brand. As per a recent research, it has been found that over 99% of the conversions held over the social media are actually irrelevant. Just because something is trending on Facebook doesn't mean you should follow it blindly. Hence, while designing websites, do make a note of the fact that social media is good but it isn't everything.

Concluding Words

Web design is an art. If you're stuck to the traditional forms of website designing, you're probably losing the opportunity of uncovering your mind for bigger and better web design ideas. Hope the web design tips covered above would've enlightened you to the fullest.

Thanks for reading this post. Please don't forget to share your ideas/opinions on the above post, using the comments box below.

About the Contributor:  Sarah Parker is one of the trained HTML to WordPress developers, who loves sharing details on web designing and development. Currently, she is employed with Designs2HTML Ltd., a renowned name in the website markup conversion services domain.

Monday, February 1, 2021

You may find a lot of benefits in working at home as a blogger. Well, most of the bloggers do blogging as hobby at first, then later on make it as income opportunity working at home on their spare time.

First, bloggers don’t need to spend money to go to a workplace or an office. Blogging as a career is not yet established but the skill is partly a job of an SEO specialist. Bloggers usually do this at home while SEO specialists are working in BPO companies. Imagine having to spend a hefty amount of money a day for transportation expenses. If you work at home as a blogger, you could save considerable amount of money per month.

Second, work at home bloggers need not to spend time in commuting from home to the workplace. Time spent in traveling could be used to finish important and productive tasks at home. You don’t need to worry about rush-hour traffic which will add to physical stress. It means that you can start my working day fresh and focused.

Third, working as home-based bloggers can be done in a peaceful working environment which is free from stress. Working at home also guarantees fewer distractions. Distractions will lead to poor work output and less accomplishments.

Fourth, home-based blogging provide flexible working schedule. For example, you can do blogging article writing for other bloggers while maintaining your own blog. This is very beneficial to me a father who has a kid to take care of.

Fifth, working at home as a blogger means having to work without the physical presence of supervisors which reduces stress and tension.

These are just the few reasons why bloggers prefer working at home. There are countless reasons why one can work as blogger at home and start earning in a part time basis. When given a chance you can also work as a full-time blogger at home. Anyway, there are various ways to communicate while at home with colleagues like using a blog chat room.

If you find this article interesting or if you've got other tips to how to become a successful work at home blogger, feel free to comment below.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

There are lots of talented writers in English as well as in various languages and the mother tongue hiding behind their cloaks. Presumably, there is the incapability of answering for printing expenses, cost in applying for publication (much more, copyright), absence of a sponsor, or maybe, it’s too late for their ages to come out and be recognized. With the roles specified for search engines optimization specialists, may this dilemma obtain solutions?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides  the search engine in its webpage to show the result of the topic or thing being searched for in the most perfect and effective way. Any topic is available in the engine using the keyword. SEO always consider what people want to search, edit the texts and discard any unnecessary terms. Optimizing the search engines attracts more visitors toward the site to obtain results of what they desire to search.

SEO as Home-Based Job

Just in time with the mushrooming of multimillion corporations and big business ventures in the country, search engine optimization has entered the electronics and communication system by way of the computer – Internet or World-Wide Web. More so, much advanced search methods emerged and optimized to assist in the progress of new industries.

The facilitation process procured by search engine optimization effected the availability of all sorts of searches in the website like images, news – local and foreign, hiring  and job vacancies,  education or school information, games, videos and music, etc….are there no writing or literary entries?  It is believed that home-based SEOs could come out with a possible answer. Can this item not find its place in the website?

Home-based SEOs are so assigned that small businesses in the Philippines could avail of the fast-working processes. The provide guidance and information for interested parties who wish to market their minds’ worth. home-based SEOs train people become more effective and efficient as the search engine.

Home-Based SEO VS The Ghost Writer

Because ghost writers are avid readers, they have acquired more information regarding home-based optimizers than any other portion of the population. Although professionals, businessmen, job applicants, students and others were excitingly aroused by the good news, the unemployed talented men and women were not among them specifically, the writing group. Considering that mid-or Executive positions could be filled up with best results, there is no impossibility of recruitment for writers.  Seeking client publishers or even  some  literary pages, newspapers, magazines and pocketbooks, will help solve dilemma.

Home- Based SEOs are expert editors, which is one of their qualifications.  They can come out with accurate manuscripts before any written matter reaches the table of the publisher.  Furthermore, writers could be assured of a favorable return.

There are not only hundreds of ghost writers all over the country waiting for encouragement and support. Plenty of barriers are preventing them from exposing their hidden talents. Like unknown heroes, they deserve to be discovered… uncovered. They are the country’s invisible pride, once they come out of their shells. Don’t they deserve such?

The country has countless numbers of talented writers who are left unknown.  Some sell these manuscripts at very low prices.  With the emergence of home-based SEOs  some expressed their interests.  If the websites have music, games and videos and downloadable data, must there be a chance for the works of these ghost writers?

Monday, January 25, 2021

One end product of technology is making things easy for people.  Interacting and blogging at the same time is really possible.  Readers may visit your blog, make comments, give suggestions, share ideas and discuss with you.  In short, your blog is visible to everyone. That is why; customizing it is very ideal and important.  How you design your blog also defines who you are.

For some who are new to blogging, they may find it may be complicated in customizing. However, a chatroom app is the great way to start.  This social group chat offers customized chatroom themes and also, it customizes how you want your group chat to be embedded.  This really attracts viewers and readers.  This can be essential part of your blog.

A social group chatroom app assures you of your photos and videos posted to reach your viewers and readers instantly.  The social group chat sizes can be customized on a single page.  The widget maybe in the form of a pop-up or can be on a customized chatroom themes.  The themes and sizes vary in accordance to the likes of the user, and this is because of the flexibility of the widget.  Setting your blog on a theme with a minimum space, then a social group chatroom can be a refreshing app to be embedded.  If you want to save a lot of space for your other posts, only choose the button pop-up on your blog.

Since your blog epitomizes you and your personality, choosing the right design for your blog is very essential.  A social group chatroom helps you define your blog by customizing chatroom themes that expresses your thoughts and feelings.  Much more so, making it look cool and personalized to your viewers and readers.

So, enjoy blogging by installing new chatroom app and let it define your personality and let your readers and viewers know about you more.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Working at home is suitable to many individuals.  Who don't want to work in their room, eat anytime you want, stop anytime you want, and doesn’t have to worry about time-ins?  Of course all of us want this.  It's always best to be in our comfort zone.  That is the reason why working at home audio transcription having its fun nowadays. Working at home will definitely suite anyone's time-table.  You don't have to wake up early to avoid traffic.  You are in control of your time.  Your expenses will be decreased because you don’t have to worry about transportation fees and also clothing budget because basically you can wear anything you want during your working hours.  You can eat any food you want because you can cook your favorite food without rushing and you won't be fed up by eating foods catered by the food chains near to your office almost every day.  Stressors will be lessened, no terror superiors and no worries about your co-workers attitudes and of course there's no overtime.  Audio transcription needs a quiet environment when you work at home you can choose a place where it is relaxing like your room or in your garden even in your bathroom.  The best thing about working at home is that your time to your family will not be compromised resulting to a more harmonious relationship.

Working at home audio transcription has numerous advantages.

At the top of the list is the freedom to work anytime.  There is no 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift; no particular number of hours needed to spend working.  One can work at any time she/he wants or feel like working.  One can spend more time with the family, hobbies, or anything.

There is also no need to get out of the house and get stressed because of the travel from home to office.  No need to worry about the traffic or getting late, as well as the pollution that might be encountered.  There is no pressure from officemates, boss, or anything work related.  Office politics can also be avoided.

Working as audio transcriptionist at home can also save money.  All the money earned will go to the savings.  No need to spare some money for the transportation or meals when at work.  There is also no need to buy some clothes to be worn at work.  The compensation will also be received without any deduction.

Working will also be much more comfortable.  The work place will be in a familiar and comfortable place.  A place where everything needed will be available and where the family members will be there.  The workplace is also the comfort zone of the worker.

All of those mentioned above are just some of the numerous advantages of working at home as transcriptionist.  There are a lot more advantages; the very reason why a lot of people are considering this kind of job and this kind of job has become very in demand.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Most bloggers are considered as one of the most productive and jolly people in the world, who go above and beyond what is expected from them. This is the reason why even SEO companies prefer to hire bloggers. However, there are times when too much work can lead to unproductivity. Too much work leads to stress, inefficiency, feeling of being drained, lack of enthusiasm, focus and energy, exhaustion, stress and eventually leads to occupational burnout.

Everybody’s mind and body get tired too, and for everyone regardless of the job title, it is important that break times are maximized in order to feel rejuvenated and keep your focus and enthusiasm towards your work.

What Not to Do During Break Time

Do not remain sitting on your desk. This encourages people to approach you with work-related issues. It is also not considered an actual break time if you do not have a change in space. Avoid to open and read emails during break time. Instead of helping your productivity, this only reduces it as you get engulfed in a work problem or situation while taking your break and forces you to stop your break time and worry about the tasks needed to resolve certain issues. Also, do not check your social media or blog pages. As much as people today are too conscious and addicted about their social media pages, break time is not the time to send messages, and read other people’s status since though you are “enjoying it”, your eyes and mind do not receive the rest they deserve. Avoid to starve yourself just to show how “dedicated” you are to your boss and colleagues. Being a martyr and skipping break times and meals is one surefire way towards your road to self-exhaustion and burnout, plus just imagine the wasted time of being absent from work due to medical conditions like ulcer, which can develop due to your wrong idea of heroism at work. Don’t be a hero or a martyr and take care of your health.

Enjoy Your Break Time 

Move around the office but do not loiter if you work in an SEO company. Changing your surroundings by going to your company’s pantry or canteen would do you good. It helps circulate blood in your body, helping you avoid heart problems. Just make sure you don’t loiter around or disrupt other people. A little stretching exercise while walking will also do you good since this also helps improve blood circulation. Make your own coffee or walk towards the vending machine. The walk can be a great exercise while coffee gives you a feeling of happiness as it helps release endorphins. Is possible, take power naps. Perhaps this is the best way to feel rejuvenated and you wake up raring start working again. This is not for people who snore (since this can lead to office chattering) or for people who are not light sleepers. Make sure you wake up a few minutes before the end of your break time so you still have time to freshen up. You can also just close your eyes, meditate and do breathing exercises. Your eyes need rest and closing your eyes is probably one of the best ways to relax while at work. This helps prevent eyestrain and manages to reduce stress-related health problems. Music relaxes your senses and when listening to music while on break, close your eyes, relax and let your favorite music soothe your tired body and mind.

One of the best things about break times is that you get to enjoy your favorite snacks. Eating scrumptious food makes you forget about problems, stress and workplace horrors. Eating bad-tasting food only increases your agitation and stress and doesn’t help in your work productivity. So make sure you pick the right food which suits your taste and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Whatever snack you eat, it will be best with your favorite coffee. Usual break time snacks are biscuits, cake or sandwiches. However, it helps a lot if you experiment and feast on something more delicious and a feast for your senses.

Choose a delectable snack and ensure that you maximize your break time by doing the other things mentioned above; that is the easiest and surefire way to increase your productivity at work.

Friday, January 15, 2021

There are various jobs online. The World Wide Web is the new pool of employment nowadays. One of the most renowned online jobs is becoming an SEO specialist. It has its perks but an aspirant should have specific qualities in order to make through the SEO world.

It may not be easy to start becoming one. Even with enough education, the skill should be honed as well to get make it through as an SEO specialist.

Here are some requirements on getting the said internet-based work:

  1. First and foremost, an aspirant should have a basic knowledge in JavaScript, CSS and HTML. As an SEO specialist, he will walk through various codes. May it be simple or complex, codes will be his friends and enemies along the way.
  2. He should have top-notched writing skills. There are various jobs online but an SEO specialist should know how to write impressively. Written communication will be his weapon in this kind of internet-based work. Technically, it is because an SEO specialist is responsible for providing contents for the web page he is optimizing. He is also to write profile information in order to build links, and articles to promote products and services.
  3. Analytical skills are very important for an SEO specialist. He should be a swagger in analysis because he will think of the best strategy on how to make it through demanding and problematic situations. He should show his great ability to get out of each difficult circumstance.
  4. Of course, an SEO specialist should be an internet savvy. Basically, because it is an online marketing. He should have the vastest resources on where to promote the site he is optimizing. And becoming a savvy does not only mean that he should be an internet addict. He should also have passion especially in looking for more resources.
  5. An SEO specialist should have a knack for research. Look for more earning revenue opportunities as part of your development. It is part of the job to search for top competitors.

These are just some of the best qualities an SEO specialist should have. Of course, the aspirant should not stop studying the field. It changes and develops once and a while. One the important things he should studying—aside from the things mentioned above—is the various strategies to bloom productivity. The SEO world is no joke. The competition is crucial. An aspiring SEO specialist should be ready and equipped in order to make it through this demanding but rewarding internet-based work.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Starting a food blog for foodies can be easy but of course there are phases and steps to study and implement before having a successful one.

Check on the following factors that can be useful if you are seriously considering blogging as a career:

Choose an Interesting blog name.  Carefully choose a name to identify your character and personality.  Perhaps, we haven’t got any idea on how to make an intriguing food blog name at the start.  Some bloggers just thought of random names they think are cute and pleasant to hear and read.  The point is that a person should associate himself on the chosen name for easy and interesting identification.  Think of a particular reason why you use that name can also be a key.

Select what blog platform to utilize.  Most bloggers avail of and really loving it.  There are more choices and just be sure to pick the ones you are comfortable of using.

Think of how to host your blog.  You may be considering if you want a self-host or a free hosting options.  At, a free hosting is offered, and the server will be in charge of your blogs.  So that means if your blog name is Juanfood, your URL will appear as  If you are okay with simple hosting, this type is for you.  Any other upgrades and customizations are already available for a corresponding fee.

Select a host that is dependable.  Self-hosting will necessitate a good provider that you can place your blogs reliably.  Therefore, opt for the ones that have the best reputation and a truly recommended one.  Those who offer additional technical support can be a great advantage.

Attractive design and theme.  Just like in food presentation, of course, a colorful and inviting theme and design can add spice to a particular blog.  Colors and fonts are also great add-ons that can be very enticing with the eyes.

Photos and Images.  This is the most important in creating your food blog.  If you are blogging about food, a very appetizing image can definitely impress a reader to probe further on your blog.  You can post personal shots of your recipe or borrow from other resources.

In summary, if you want to increase your market and increase website traffic, advertise and promote in your social networks.  Connect and let your presence be felt.  Contribute and share your recipes and food reviews in other community sites.  This way you can gain friends and increase the level of search engine results too.

Welcome to The Transcriptionists’ Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as audio transcriptionists. 

In this article, we will feature our interview with Lynn.  She is a General Transcriptionist and her work office is located in Baguio City Philippines where the company is connected to US clients.

She has been working as a General Transcriptionist for some time but she said she is a fast learner. She had attended a one-month transcription schooling and after that she left her job as a call center representative.  She immediately worked as a transcriptionist and currently enjoying the job. 

One of the factors that prompted her to pursue a career in audio transcription is that the work is less stressful.  She also stated that there is no need to argue with a customer since you only have to put into writing the message or audio given to you making sure that all transcriptions are correct.

She said that she can either work in an office or in a home based setting.  She is currently working in an office but somehow, it would be better if she can work home based because of the flexibility in working hours.

To be an effective and productive audio transcriptionist, she believes that one must have the the right attitude towards the job which is patience.  Confidence in transcribing is also important and the knowledge to use his or her time wisely by finishing the job on a specified time or even earlier if possible.  Because you will be dealing or hearing different accents that are somehow hard to understand, you must be patient enough to work as an audio transcriptionist  According to Lynn, this work can be easy and fun.

Sunday, January 10, 2021


Here's a story shared to us by Marie, a Filipino working in Bahrain for which she recalls this as "A Talk to Remember".

It was a long and stressful day at work so I decided to stay late in a coffee shop in Busaiteen, a town North of Bahrain and ordered my favorite cappuccino and donuts to this Filipina cashier whose smile is endless.

While on my laptop, she came and said ‘Hi.’ Her reliever arrived so we freely talked and our talk went smoothly. I came to know that this Filipina cashier with her three children were abandoned by his husband who works in Saudi Arabia, went for another woman, and left no support. Her son has a blood ailment who must do weekly blood transfusion which costs Php 3,000 per session in the Philippines. She tried her fate in Bahrain to earn a living and support her family. She worked as domestic helper from her previous two employers and both didn’t go well. Back then, she recalls that she was eating twice a day only with two kubus, a staple flat bread in the Middle East. She also recalls that she runs for trash bins to eat left over foods to fill her hunger. She coped with all of these. There was also a time that she almost got raped and decided to run away from her employer and seek for the authority’s help. The rest was history.

These were only some of this Filipina cashier's painful experiences. While listening to her, I feel the pain and that I almost cried. And so I asked her, ‘So, with all of these, how are you able to put a big smile on your face?’ She simply said, Because our family became stronger after that and that God has blessed me with a better work now as a cashier.’

Overseas Filipino Workers are said to be heroes of our generation as a lot of money are remitted each day. But for this Filipina cashier, this is the fruit of her labor, the tears and joy of her soul. Her narrative is just one of a thousand stories in Bahrain.

Thus, I have learned that events of one's life must not dictate the outcome of oneself. Like Lorna, she chooses to be happy and works hard for what she has and refuses to live in her past. I guess, for this, she truly becomes a real hero.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

After our graduation in college, we experienced mixed emotions of fear, worry and excitement.  The fear of what’s next after college life, the worry if we can get a good job right away and the excitement to land in our first job.  Yes, this is it.  Welcome to the world of job hunting.

Imagine yourself making and printing lots of application letters.  Then you submit them to different companies with the hope get an interview and take the exam.  There are some who are fortunate enough to get a good job right away after applying.  But for some, they are just required to accept any kinds of job even though it’s not their top choice.

Become a Young Professional

For a young Filipino, the feeling of having a job gives the person the sense of independence.  Certainly, the primary reason of looking for a job is to earn.  It is the best way to make money than waiting for your parents to give you some.  It includes the need and the want of money.  You need to earn in order to help support your family and you want to earn just so to buy the stuff the you like.

But whatever your reasons may be, having a job means also being responsible in handling your finances.  For us Filipinos, we really compelled ourselves to find a job.  We are known for being hard working, so it simply speaks our attitude of looking for jobs even how hard it is, yet very rewarding.  That’s what our families are looking forward also from us.

Time to Share Your Blessing

What usually happens to us Filipinos is this.  When one member of a family landed to the first job, the parents are so proud.  It is also a long time practice that having a job means facing the responsibility.  Definitely, our goal is to support them.  Also, it is customary to celebrate this wonderful blessing.  We usually offer a thanksgiving mass, or having even just a little celebration for being so thankful to God for the job opportunity.  This happiness is usually shared to our families but even to our relatives and friends.  For us Filipinos, having a first job really means something to us.  As a person who achieves such goal is a fortune.  It is always a blessing.

Thinking about that everybody is happy is so heartwarming.  Sharing the gratitude to our family even for just a simple celebration can make you happy.  Regardless how big or small your salary is, what's important is you share your blessings.  It is best recognized if you buy something for the family.  It is very typical for a Filipino to bring home a cake, ice cream, pancit, or any native kakanin on the first salary.  Cakes and ice cream typically symbolize celebration to us.  It really makes the event special.  Pancit or noodles symbolizes the longevity of one’s life or success.  Kakanin or native foods will always mean the kinship of every member.

These are just our simple joys on how we celebrate our blessings by having some family activities.  It is worthwhile to do this once in a while.  Spending something for our family from our own pocket is not hurtful at all.  It gives our first salary more value.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

It has been said that Filipino people will be obese by the year 2030.  The reason behind this speculation relies on the fact that the emerging convenient food and fast food chains influence each Filipinos to make it a part of their daily diet.  That is why many healthcare providers and nutrition advocates continue to make efforts to stop people from gaining weight.  Truly the increasing obesity in the Philippines is said to be more of a health threat than a lifestyle indicator.

Filipinos love extra rice.  The main cause of obesity is over consumption of food.  The usual path of calories should be from digestion to absorption, metabolism to energy production.  When too much calories are consumed, the substances that are not burned by energy will eventually turn into fat.  These then will cause alarming health concerns as fat blocks healthy circulation in the body.  Here are other causes of obesity which is also linked to overeating.

  • Psychological problems. There is such a thing called emotional eating.  This happens when a person eats in order to relieve himself from remembering past experiences or current personal problems.  This is the most dangerous cause of obesity since it entails both psychological and physical warfare.
  • Metabolic diseases. Some metabolic diseases like thyroid problems have complications of d gaining weight at uncontrollable amount.  The thyroid is related to metabolism and one disease called hypothyroidism slows down metabolism that causes weight gain even if lesser food intake is done.
  • Voluntary Mistakes. This is also called lack of energy balance.  There are many people who do not take exercise seriously or are not doing physical activity on a daily basis.  It is important to know that an energy coming from food must be burnt equally by doing physical activity.

These are the major causes of obesity that raises the concern of increasing weight gain in the Philippines.  There should be an effort to promote a good weight management by the patient and allied health professional.  If you are one of the people who a has a BMI of more than 30, then you need lifestyle intervention that requires you to eat certain amount of food.  Here are quick tips:

  • Eat more food that is high-in fiber, consider them as snacks instead of grabbing chips and sodas. Popcorn and orange juice can be a good combination to start.
  • Avoid high-fat meals one day at a time.
  • Find time to do exercise, start at 15 minutes.

Obesity can be avoided.  This statement relies on you.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Home-based audio transcription is increasingly becoming a trend in the Philippines.  A lot of transcriptionists nowadays are trying to get work from job providers directly from the source. Because they have the capability to do home based job easily, it is not that far when the Philippines becomes the main choice to outsource transcription jobs.  With this popularity, many transcriptionists in the Philippines start working home based.

The Internet is the primary source of transcription jobs. Online workers in the Philippines have the capacity to meet the demands by job providers. Through the advent of Internet, many Filipino transcriptionists are able to get jobs or voice files from the USA, Australia or even in the United Kingdom. This is a big shift for the outsourcing jobs in the Philippines because now is the time to integrate transcription jobs to the ever popular call center industry.

With appropriate skills and equipments, one can start immediately at the own comfort of your home.  One must consider several factors in starting a career in home based transcription. In the Philippines, since majority of Filipinos have good grasp of the English language, they can immediately acquire the trust of transcription clients all over the world. The workforce in the Philippines for transcription jobs is so efficient yet economical. Not only that, they are very proficient and have all the skills to do the job of home-based transcription.

To start with, you can do your home based audio transcription in the Philippines by having a connection with your fellow transcriptionists. In this way, you can share contacts of provider of transcription job. Another way is applying through online home based transcription jobs. There are various companies online that offer this kind of work. One way also is submitting your resume into job portals that offer transcription jobs.

Here are the comments from our readers:

Archie M. de Lara
Archie M. de Lara
Apr 9, 2013

There is no single best site.
It’s up to your requirement if you find one company that offers good salary.
Try several companies and you will find which one is best to your needs.

Apr 9, 2013

what is the best site to visit to apply for home-based medical transcriptionist?

David Abrameto
David Abrameto
Mar 28, 2013·

We are hiring transcriptionists for regular, long-term work. Please check out our job application here: []

Its all general transcription, no medical. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Dr.Aruna Poredi
Dr.Aruna Poredi
Jan 25, 2013

i would be interested in home based MT job, if it is available with you, kindly let me know.
Many Thanks.

Jan 15, 2013

Hi Ms. Donna,

I am also planning to have a career shift. May I know how much do you earn from being a medical transcriptionist let’s say in a month?



Rinadiene Dalisay
Rinadiene Dalisay
Aug 7, 2012

Medical transcription has been long introduced and practiced in the Philippines. A lot of transcription companies have tried and failed but transcriptionists managed to make it on their own even at the comfort of their home. Being a home-based transcriptionist myself makes me more proud, happy, and fulfilled mom and career woman at the same time.

Jul 20, 2012

as you have said, you still get home-based transcription works from your former company…are they sending the works via the internet? how do you get the payments?

Bloemart Recabar
Bloemart Recabar
Jun 10, 2012

Yes, it is true that nowadays, transcription industry is getting higher and getting in-demand. So, I myself want to engage in this kind of industry using my knowledge and skills in typing. I do also believe that I can also use my skills and knowledge in shorthand which I had learnt during my university days. I don’t want to waste that skills I had gained.

Aside from that I want to use my time more productive while I stay home during weekends and weekdays after my work. I also want to enhance more my skills and gain more skills by transcribing. It can help me to improve more my listening skills, comprehension, and even my communication skills. By the way I am English teacher for Korean students. It will also help me to recognize and to understand different accent of English speakers.

Asuncion A. Bautista
Asuncion A. Bautista
May 19, 2012

I am a dentist & a nurse by profession but I want a career move. I have been practicing my profession as a dentist for more than 15 years now, but I recently became inactive with my practice. Since home based transcription is getting popular nowadays, it is an advantage that I have finished a course for Medical Transcription Training Program. For full-time mothers like me, it is very helpful for us to do our jobs at home, while still performing our responsibilities as a mother and as a wife at the same time. So in behalf of other full-time moms like me, I am very hopeful that there will be lots of MT companies, small or big, that will give us home based transcription jobs to help us become better moms and good providers as well.

Fatima Rose Dizon
Fatima Rose Dizon
May 16, 2012

Home based job in the Philippines is now spreading. I see 3 major reasons for this:

1. The income is higher than the basic or initial offer most company in the country offer.

2. The convenience of not thinking of the rush hour, the heavy traffic and the hassle of going to work every single day.

3. The most important is having a quality time with your family.

Most of the individuals interested in this job are mom’s who want to see and take care of their children while still pursuing their career. There are also few men who are interested in this industry because of the reasons mentioned above. And I am one of them; it’s very convenient to work with your pajamas and to focus with your goals because you’re in the comfort of your own home.

Sheila Grace C. Peñaflor
Sheila Grace C. Peñaflor
May 14, 2012

Long before I got married, I already decided that I will be a full time mother after giving birth. But I realized staying at home without any income is not also good financially. So it is really nice to know that there are jobs like this here in the Philippines, where mothers can take care of their families in the comfort of theirs homes while earning money.

donna yandoc
donna yandoc
May 13, 2012

Home based transcription work is an opportunity for those people who are already tired of the stressful call center set up.
I have worked for the call center industry for 8 years and I felt so burned that I quit my job.
With home based transcription, I am able to earn a living without leaving the house.
For me, transcription helps me hone my typing, editing, and language skills because with all the multitasking you have to make sure that everything is accurate and well punctuated. I think I have found the career that I’m going to stick with.

May 13, 2012

As technology is just around the corner, computer is at our homes and we are proficiently can speak, write and understand English language. So, it is easy for us Filipino to do a home-based job like home-based transcription.

Home-based transcription is the best way for us to gain more knowledge and be competitive to other countries.

Karen Jaen
Karen Jaen
May 1, 2012

Yes, nowadays many people prefer working from home instead of working in an office base company. One of the advantages of a home based worker is that it gives you enough flexibility to work on your own, you have your own time schedule. Working at home also lessen the cost of living by reduction in travelling and other office expenses. A transcriptionist must me a good listener to perform his/her job well.

May 1, 2012

I’m really familiar with this transcriptionist job right now, this is one of the job booming here in the Philippines. Basically, it’s all about medical terms and this is the first time I heard of general transcriptionist. What other thing they need to transcribe other than doctor’s advise? This job is cool especially it’s available via home-based. Good for housewives, newly graduated students looking for extra income. Hope this trend will work and fortunately will last.

Cherry Ann
Cherry Ann
May 1, 2012

Home based medical transcription is a popular move for many people who wish to work at home and earn a living. Of course, some people believe that transcription is just typing words dictated via various recorded means but there is nothing farther from the truth, especially for the medical field.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of working from home, especially with medical transcription is the ability to have more time with the family. Medical transcription does not require the punching of a time clock. All the client (transcription company or medical establishment) wants is their final product and it is up to you to create your work schedule to ensure that your work is done in a timely, accurate manner.

Junifer Duterte
Junifer Duterte
May 1, 2012

There is a thinking that a transcriptionist is simply a very fast typist but there is much more to this profession. This requires the skill of literacy…..
Just Enjoy the work……..

Arlyn Simbahan
Arlyn Simbahan
May 1, 2012

What’s a good thing about we, Filipinos, is that we know what we have (be it a personal skill, talent or knowledge). And we always find ways on how to use these “resources” in order to make something out of it. This, I think, is the reason why home-based transcription is becoming popular here in the country. I, for one, believe that I possess all the qualifications of becoming a part-time transcriptionist that is why I applied for job. And by doing so, I will be able to utilize my resources in order to make something out of it, that is, extra income.

Jevaline M. Yamson
Jevaline M. Yamson
May 1, 2012

Home based transcription is easy to do especially if you really have background with this field. Unemployed, part-time, or full-time are also can do.

Hannah Celendro
Hannah Celendro
Apr 30, 2012

Home-based transcription is really increasing its popularity in the Philippines. This is because Filipinos is known to be proficient in English. Home-based job like this will be a great help to many Filipinos such as student, housewives and unemployed graduate students. It gives you a more convenient way of working since it is at home. It gives more opportunity to Filipinos to earn money in a better way instead of leaving the country.

Kathryn Sheena Cong
Apr 30, 2012

Many Filipinos were very good transcriptionist, it’s because we love watching English movies and listening to music which can contribute a lot. Filipinos are also very versatile in different accent, they just need at least a day of familiarizing themselves with the accent.

Apr 30, 2012

Living in the 21st century, resources is within our grasp. Some called it “the world is flat” because we can browse anything and everything in just a second. In a way, home based jobs swarming through the world wide web which give us the opportunity to access and earn money as we usually describe it as part time jobs. The advantages are you can work at any time and at any place. It caught also my interest to apply home based transcription jobs, not only to help me financially but increasing my skills.

Naine Leonardo
Naine Leonardo
Apr 29, 2012

Home-based transcription jobs provide earning opportunities for those who are confined to their homes for most of their lives, like housewives. It can also boost the earning capacity of those who are in low-income jobs and those who have no regular work. The most attractive feature of home-based transcription is its convenience; being able to get paid for work done in the confines of your own comfortable space in your own sweet time.

Apr 29, 2012

Being a home-based transcriptionist is not an easy job. To some people who haven’t had experience on transcription, they thought it’s just typing and that’s it. I have friends who have not had experience and tried to apply to one of the companies who is hiring home-based transcriptionist. When they tried the transcription test, they had a hard time. You also got to have the skills, good hearing acuity, good knowledge of English grammar, etc.

Mercy Lynn M. Torres
Mercy Lynn M. Torres
Apr 29, 2012

It is true that having a home based job such as transcription is a challenging one. It is an easy job if we have good hearing acuity and knows the International language which is English. We will be able to make a good living with this career.

Angeline Jedidiah S. Lim
Angeline Jedidiah S. Lim
Apr 29, 2012·

I’ve recently heard about these on-line jobs such as doing transcriptions that caters to everyone who is computer literate and fluent in the English language. Perhaps the reason for these trend nowadays especially in the Philippines is because of the opportunity that it offers to everyone without the age requirement or particular social status.In addition, it also does more efficient job requiring less time, effort and money in exchange of the quality work done by the Filipinos. Even my friends and colleagues in the University have been encouraging me to apply for it because it is not only beneficial for the employer but also for the job-seeker.

Jhandelver Quito
Apr 29, 2012·

Working right at the comfort of home, has a lot of advantages with it; not only will an employee save money with the minus transportation and food fees, but more so the ability to control your own time and be able to spend more moments with the rest of the family members. Philippine Home-Based transcription allows a person to earn doing what he or she loves while being with the one he or she love.

Marielle Elle
Marielle Elle
Apr 29, 2012

Yes, I agree that home-based job transcription is growing in the Philippines. One of the reasons for that is because there aren’t many office-based jobs that will give you a much higher compensation as compared to this.

rachelle balosa
Apr 28, 2012

Hi, I’m a medical transcriptionist for 5 years now and I’m doing general transcription also. I’m interested with the job and currently doing home-based transcription now. Thank you and god bless :).

April Almendrala
Apr 28, 2012·

Becoming a transcriptionist requires complete accuracy and attention to detail. Good listening skills are a must, along with the ability to understand various accents. Transcription skills are in high demand, and learning to be a transcriptionist can lead to telecommuting work from a home-based office. Many companies outsource transcription tasks to independent contractors. For those who wish to work from home, consistently delivering transcribed documents on time and without error can lead to many more work opportunities.

Apr 28, 2012

Working from home is very convenient. You are not only able to work in an environment that gives you comfort, but as a mother of two, I am also able to keep an eye on what my kids are doing around me. I get to work efficiently and effectively without having to feel the pressure when loads of work needed to be done right away.

Hannalee Gomez
Apr 28, 2012

Earning my own money for tuition and allowance to send myself to school has been my feat for the past few years, and so has it been for a lot others. The introduction of home-based transcription has been receiving positive responses from these specific group of people. It is my opinion that the nature of this work paves the way for high quality deliverables due to its workplace and working time flexibility feature. This makes it most attracting to this specific group of people primarily since it prevents compromising academics because of work load and vice versa. Quality in both fields is very important. One should not need to excel in one end and be poor on the other because excelling in both fields should not be, and is not anymore, impossible.

Erlyn A. Aragones
Erlyn A. Aragones
Apr 28, 2012·

My very first home-based job was being a General Transcriptionist. I had no idea what kind of job that was offered to me. Thanks to my Australian employee for the opportunity that he gave to me that open me to online home-based jobs. Since we Filipinos are hard working that is why we are always on the top of the lists of foreign employers.

Apr 27, 2012

Filipinos are the ones who grab onto the home-based jobs so that they hold their times. They also don’t spend much money going out to the offices and buy their lunches when its all at home. It is more relaxing to work at home than to go to the office.

Apr 27, 2012

Not only increasing numbers of households having access thru internet, but also needing more jobs to support families in this undeveloped economy of the country why some opt to apply to these kinds of work. There are also cases wherein some even enrolled in schools as medical transcriptionists rather than getting a four-year course because they need money more than prestige. I believe that the increasing numbers of Filipinos working as transcribers are relatively a new phenomenon that researchers should look at in order to understand what is currently happening in the job market of the Philippines.