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Sunday, September 26, 2021

10 Essential Traits of Audio Transcriptionists

Audio transcription is a process of transferring or converting a verbal conversation which can be either a live or recorded into written or electronic text document. This service is provided for various purposes such as a business, legal or the most commonly used is medical purposes.

There is a huge demand for audio transcriptionists these days.  To become successful, there are essential qualities of audio transcriptionists should be observed. There are various businesses that are sending their staff to attend seminars and events who later convert the spoken content into news, magazine etc. By doing this, one must have top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists

An example would be a journalist conducting an interview of a politician or a famous celebrity, who later converts the conversation into writing and prints it in some magazine or newspaper. It is necessary to have the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists to achieve the goal.

One of the known forms of transcription work is audio transcription, this industry is booming these days and has becoming one of the top profit making businesses as it needs persons with the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists.

Various companies tie up with other companies and does script transcription work for them and get the compensation for the work done. The compensation is agreed in different ways such as some may charge for, per word, per minute or per hour etc.

All these agreements are made between both the company owners while signing the contract. These service providing firms accepts recorded speech in the form of audio clip (CD or Cassette), VHS or a sound file and later they assign the task to their associates who convert it into text. These associates are usually hired on a part time or full time work basis. They are compensated according to their performance and productivity.

It’s not an easy task to become an audio transcriptionist. There are various  Top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists required to become successful in this field. The top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists would be:

  1. Attentive: An agent should pay 100% attention while communicating or listening to the recording to avoid any errors.
  2. Excellent Grasping Skills is one of the key to achieve one of the Top top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: If a person’s grasping skills are excellent then only they would remember the whole conversation and convert it with 100% accuracy.
  3. Excellent writing skills is one of the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: Writing without any errors.
  4. Verbatim: Try not to repeat the words or phrases time and again.
  5. No Guess work: A wrong guess can spoil the entire report or data of the recorded file so better avoid it.
  6. Dedication: The transcriptionist should be very dedicated towards its work then only they will be able to provide qualitative and productive work results.
  7. Good Concentration is a good key to achieve one of the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists: Concentration is a must to achieve the targets with accuracy.
  8. Computer and device handling skills: A basic computer handling knowledge is a must to handle any issue which can lead to delay in completing the task.
  9. No Shortcuts: No shortcuts should be used such as use of abbreviations for any words.
  10. Formatting: A transcriptionist should always try to follow the same format or pattern described for the task.

Thus to summarize, to become a successful transcriptionist a person needs the top essential qualities of audio transcriptionists, if you have it then no one can stop anyone to make a career in this booming industry.


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