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Monday, May 24, 2021

What’s in a Blog?

Blogging is already becoming popular especially to netizens. Netizens are people who are always in touch with their computers, and is very active with everything that is going on around the net. The meaning of a blog is actually a colloquial term from the word Weblog, which simply means writing in a more personal journal about anything under the sun such as travels, food, or just about any topic that comes to one’s mind. After this, it is being published on a particular web page, either by the writer or a different set of people.

Blog definition can also vary into a verb form, such as ‘posting something on a particular blog,” or “ I want to blog about this park,” or anything similar to those. These blogs when posted on some sites can either be commented, or can receive suggestions which is a good interaction between the reader and the blogger.

Some people take blogging seriously, and by doing so, can make money out of it. Companies who employ bloggers would love to be read on blogs just focusing on the business itself, the products and services. This is one way for bloggers to earn, at the same time making their names popular for more blogs.

Others blog for fun. They just enjoy blogging every day, keeping other readers posted on what he had experienced on a daily basis. This is more common to people who travel and who loves to go around places that promotes some attractive tourist spots or serves a particular exotic food.

The meaning of a blog can all be the same, but the purpose of writing blogs varies. If you want to be a professional blogger, you might as well learn the basics. The basic can actually mean, you love what you’re doing and you make money out of it. That is true especially when you read personal blogs of other people who shares their day to day experiences.

There are things better written than talking about. Blogging is some form of expression that can be very beneficial both to the reader and the blogger.

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