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Sunday, August 8, 2021

7 Best Free iPad Apps For Bloggers

In the today’s market, the Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, iPods and many others are becoming more popular for bloggers due to their latest technologies and features. For us bloggers who are considering iPad for your blogging activities, there are so many latest applications available for which we can take advantage of. These iPad apps can help us in our daily blogging whenever necessary like social sharing of our latest blog posts, capturing images and videos, saving various media in a cloud storage, and many others. Even SEO consultants can use iPad apps to optimize your blog.  Most of the applications for iPad are available to you by paying some amount of money but some of them are available free of cost. In random order, a brief introduction for each app is mentioned below about these 7 free iPad apps for bloggers:

1.       AccuWeather

AccuWeather is one of the free apps that are made available for iPad. This app has proven to be decent in nature among other weather apps. Its interface is odd but offer fun to the users. There is a presence of lifestyle page which helps in determining the fact that how your recent local conditions may affect through 20 activities that includes stargazing and dog-walking. If you're a travel blogger and planning a trip, this AccuWeather is suitable for you to learn which place to avoid for a bad weather.

2.       Air Video Free

In spite of pessimists complaining about the screen of iPad which has an aspect ratio of 4:3, it is one of the decent devices for playing videos but this device does not support the storage of large video collections. But Air Video Free lets you to stream video from a PC or Mac. There is a limitation behind free version it is that it is capable of displaying only a few items that are randomly selected from each playlist or folder. Using this iPad app, you can have your latest video blog watched on streaming.

3.       Facebook

Facebook is one of the social networking sites that have gone out back and forth for all the mobile versions especially for iPad, have features such as native and smart implementation. With Facebook's free version for iPad, you do not want to use relatively chunky website repeatedly for watching that which of your friends should not have access to the Internet after midnight in reality. Well, obviously you can share whatever blog post you have with this app.

4.       Comics

Comics are one of the innovative apps for iPhones but there is a need of zooming every panel of the screen in a constant manner. Nevertheless, in a similar way, the screen of iPad is large enough for displaying a whole page, with no need of making it scroll or zoom. This app is available in a number of free comics through the bundled store. Comics app is specifically for entertainment blogger who are into action super heroes.

5.       Dropbox

Dropbox is a countless facility that helps in the syncing of documents or files among multiple devices. The client of iPad works in a similar way as the iPhone. This app is a universal app, which enables you to promo many different types of files or documents, and also you can store these marked files in the form of favorites. With Dropbox, you can store your large media files that you attach on your blog posts.

6.       YouTube

YouTube is one of the other apps that have designed for the Apple operating system. The interface is specially meant for iPad and this allows you to play videos on Apple TV. You can able to stream videos of large size with this app free of cost. For video bloggers, you can instantly upload your creations while on the go.

7.       Evernote

Evernote is similar to Dropbox app. This online facility is made available to you free of cost for saving images, documents and web clips with having access from a number of devices. It works in a similar way as it works on the iPhone. It is more beneficial because of large screen of iPad that allows you to watch and navigate your snippets, which are stored earlier in an easy and fast manner. You can use this as an alternative for storing your blog images and other media stuff.

About the Contributor: Sonika has been working with an IT firm where she has attained tremendous knowledge about technology. She started writing articles about buy real twitter followers to help people.

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