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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Which is better to use for blogging CMS: Blogger or WordPress?

Blogger and WordPress are two popular blogging platforms as of today. Many bloggers are arguing which is better and why. Both have each own advantages and disadvantages that a beginner should know. Comparing Blogger and WordPress will help you decide.

Blogger is free and is hosted by Google. You can configure a style that would suite you and add some of Google’s properties like YouTube, Gmail and Google+. You may feel secure using it just don’t lose your Google password account. You can expect no downtime since it is handled by the most secured host and your article could be indexed as fast as a blink of an eye. You could also earn in your writings if you will integrate it with Adsense which is also supported by Blogger. On the other hand, many bloggers especially with businesses don’t find it enough. Some complains for a lack of choices in the designs and doesn’t support more plugins that could enhance their blogging sites. Add to that is the fact that you don’t own your domain, thus Google has the right to terminate you site in any case.

WordPress on the other hand is being praised by many especially bloggers with earning targets. It supported a lot of plugins and designs that could definitely be one of a kind compared to many users. There are two platforms of WordPress, the free one; which is the and for pay which is the These platforms come with a lot of features and you can easily install and activate plugins of your choice. It integrates with a lot of blog directories which could add traffic to your sites and generate more income potential. With WordPress you own your own domain which means you have rights to all contents of your blog unlike Blogger.

As a beginner, the simplest choice is the Blogger. You get to learn and build up your own site without much difficulty. This platform has a sense of personal touch while having the fun of updating your circle of friends. But if you opt for more adventures and uniqueness, then WordPress is at your service. Not only sending traffic to your site but generating and reaching a lot of income opportunities which is limitless in the web.

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