There were times I was not able to blog due to less time going online. Mostly, my work as medical transcriptionist in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) occupies all of my time, so the time to blog is less. When I received and read comments from readers who by chance were able to see my blog, I was again inspired to write again. Especially when I received email from fellow medical transcriptionists in the Middle East. There were some medical transcriptionists from Saudi Arabia also in various government hospitals in different cities who said they were glad seeing my blog.

Google really is helpful in my blogging activity here, showing my blog from the searches made by Filipino Medical Transcriptionists around the Middle East. Some of them came from the cities of Riyadh, Al Khobar, Manama and Doha. Maybe I have been using blogspot to host my blog.

Allow me to extend my gratitude for their time spent reading my blog. I also would like to make this blog interactive by allowing them to share their stories being a medical transcriptionist. Soon maybe, I may like to create a separate blog dedicated for transcriptionist only. Let me optimize my blog on how to make this more interactive.