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Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Top 6 Apps for Brain Teasers in Android OS

The technology has made it easier for us to play the games online either on the phone or the Internet. Since, smartphones play a big role in our life nowadays, we rely mostly on the cellphones when we are on break during our blogging work or free at home. There are tons of applications in the Android OS, which can be played but here we are going to mention the top 6 apps for brain teaser in Android. You can download the applications for free from the Play Store of Android and get ready to play.

The top 6 games apps are very addictive and can be considered the best to be played as a time pass. The puzzles games and the strategy games keep our attention towards them because you have to be quick in thinking how to clear the certain level and reach to the other.

Top 6 Brain Teaser Applications

The top 6 brain teaser applications of Android are as follows:

1.      Cut The Rope

Cut the Rope is a pretty simple game where you have to slack ropes to get the candy in the game. You have to collect as much as gold stars through which you can get the points in the game. It is exciting, as hanging with the rope keeps you going in this game. Though the game is easy to play, yet you will have some seconds to pass each level, which is a real brain teaser.

2.      Mahjong Connect

Mahjong Connect is a puzzle game, which has tiles in it. It needs planning ahead of time where you need to think quickly with the good coordination of hand and eye. The identical tiles should be in connecting pairs in order to clear the board of Mahjong connect. It is an exciting and fun game to play.

3.      Angry Bird

Nowadays, Angry bird is installed in everyone’s Android smartphone. This game requires planning on how to hit all the pigs in the games. You will have the option of numerous birds on each level to be used to hit the pigs in order to proceed further to the next step. There are different interfaces for each angry bird level, which makes the game more exciting.

4.      Apparatus

The concept of Apparatus game is to throw the ball in the basket. It seems easier but it is not because you have to take the measures on how to make it as a perfect throw. Thus, it is challenging to complete the levels. You have to goal the ball accordingly because there are fewer chances given in this game.

5.      Slice It

The puzzle game of Slice consists of cutting the paper into equal portions. As the levels get higher in this game, it gets trickier. You have to be very quick on how and from where you can cut the paper. There are set of numbers given to slice the paper on each stage, which you will have to reach accordingly. It is free to download and fun to play when you are free.

6.      Mixt HD

It is one of the best games, which can give you the excellent use of touch screens of your Android smartphones. You have to fill the colored wells with appropriate colored blob at the bottom of the screen. The colors can be of different combinations making the red into yellow or yellow into orange and so on.

About the Contributor: This post is written by Adeel Zia. He is a part time blogger and Internet marketing expert.

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