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If you happen to have posts or pages in your blog that were deleted long time ago, a message will appear saying that, “Error 404 The page you requested cannot be found!” This happens when someone chanced upon your old deleted URL and clicked it. I encountered various errors using the Internet like this Error #707 in Gmail before, and I found a solution as well. In my case, once I had this new blog were all the posts were deleted without backup, so when I acquired it and transferred to my own domain registrar and website hosting, I needed to find a way to have these all old posts be redirected to any new URL. In this case, I thought of redirecting it to the homepage URL by manipulating the redirection section of my blog’s cPanel. But I had no successful results.

I think everyone of us will agree that whenever you chance an interesting website or blog link, you click on it and found out the page you requested cannot be found, you will immediately exit the website’s page and hit that x button. Since my new blog with old deleted posts have so much interesting posts shared via various social media sites like Facebook, Google plus, Linkedin and Twitter, I believe there should be a way for me to find out how to redirect these dead URLs. I don’t want a prospective blog followers to get annoyed and just leave my blog. I want them to at least try to browse the blog even if they did not find the exact blog post or story that they chance upon in a Facebook Page thread, for example. There is a also a chance that these old posts were already indexed or has been showing through Google searches, so I want to get this possible traffic not to get lost easily. Anyway, someone may just browse for new story instead when they are redirected to the homepage of the blog.

Even if the standard built-in 404 page in your blog may give search button or an option to click another link when Error 404 The page you requested cannot be found!  appears, still it seems annoying for regular internet users.

I looked for simple solution to fix this Error 404 The page you requested cannot be found!  message. What I found is this 404 to Start WordPress plugin. It is a reasonably the very simple plugin I was looking for. It will let you to redirect all 404 errors to either the blog homepage that is by default or any other page or URL you choose or what they call the Target URL.

Like most other WordPress plugin that solves the error 404, this plugin 404 to Start will allow you to let these redirects converted to 301 redirects. It also gives you the selection to be informed by email anytime someone hits a 404 error. This is what I needed for my new blog because I know for the fact that all these old posts on my blog were all deleted. I was starting a new set of content for my blog.

While this is simple solution and straight-forward solution to my Error 404 The page you requested cannot be found!  dilemma, 404 to Start does totally bypass my WordPress theme’s built-in 404 page all in all for each 404 error. This is really what I’m looking for my new blog with deleted posts, and I will install this WordPress plugin to all of my other blogs that has built-in 404 page that may provide a search box or suggestions for other existing pages.

What’s even better for the WordPress Plugin 404 to Start is that whenever someone clicks in a URL that never actually existed on my blog, they will never be sent to a 404 page anymore and again will be redirected to my blog’s homepage. You can install this plugin on your WordPress blog to attain a simple solution to Error 404 The page you requested cannot be found! – Simple solution. Just go to your WordPress Plugin directory and install it.
error 404 - 404 to start WordPress Plugin