work at home momIt’s not only stressful and detrimental to health! One needs adjustments with new associates, study new systems, and patience with new top ranking employees who compete being your boss despite oddities. Being an ordinary office employee once again, one needs to cope up.

The Office Clerk

Before graduation from a one-year secretarial course, this young lady of 18 was recruited to a government position due to her exceptional abilities and ratings and representations in educational, religious, social and even political field. Her superiors were so inspired with her performance. During her third year in the college of commerce, she was with the accounting department.

Marriage and Home-Based Jobs

Marriage sometimes impedes growth.  The wife who aimed at the welfare of a child will be forced to leave employment. Fortunately, with a nanny for the baby, home-based jobs helped her earn more than enough.  Life went on smoothly until an accident happened and led to the death of her husband.

Proceeding with home-based jobs, the expenses of the family rising, she was demoted with standard of living although her rates went high. At some point, she thought of working abroad.

Resuming Office Work

She was six years of absence from the government position when the director offered her again her former post, meaning starting from the bottom.  The increase in minimum wage was also enticing. It was so attractive and so she submitted to her former superior. She rescheduled her home-based jobs to avoid impediments and reported to office.

But another unforgettable experience!  Relationship with superiors, especially those she was not acquainted with, new employees, new systems, new gadgets, were disturbing.  Although these were easily solved, her concentration was still distracted. There is no relative left for her child except the nanny and other house helps. The child is beginning to be inattentive in kinder school and uneasy at home.

After four months, she has mastered all modern office procedures being of superior intelligence. It was then a sudden resignation but her associates and superiors, especially the director understood her case. She was so thankful of her home-based jobs. She can still achieve her goal of producing an intelligent child.