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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Bloggers Also Need a Break At Work - Read Why

Most bloggers are considered as one of the most productive and jolly people in the world, who go above and beyond what is expected from them. This is the reason why even SEO companies prefer to hire bloggers. However, there are times when too much work can lead to unproductivity. Too much work leads to stress, inefficiency, feeling of being drained, lack of enthusiasm, focus and energy, exhaustion, stress and eventually leads to occupational burnout.

Everybody’s mind and body get tired too, and for everyone regardless of the job title, it is important that break times are maximized in order to feel rejuvenated and keep your focus and enthusiasm towards your work.

What Not to Do During Break Time

Do not remain sitting on your desk. This encourages people to approach you with work-related issues. It is also not considered an actual break time if you do not have a change in space. Avoid to open and read emails during break time. Instead of helping your productivity, this only reduces it as you get engulfed in a work problem or situation while taking your break and forces you to stop your break time and worry about the tasks needed to resolve certain issues. Also, do not check your social media or blog pages. As much as people today are too conscious and addicted about their social media pages, break time is not the time to send messages, and read other people’s status since though you are “enjoying it”, your eyes and mind do not receive the rest they deserve. Avoid to starve yourself just to show how “dedicated” you are to your boss and colleagues. Being a martyr and skipping break times and meals is one surefire way towards your road to self-exhaustion and burnout, plus just imagine the wasted time of being absent from work due to medical conditions like ulcer, which can develop due to your wrong idea of heroism at work. Don’t be a hero or a martyr and take care of your health.

Enjoy Your Break Time 

Move around the office but do not loiter if you work in an SEO company. Changing your surroundings by going to your company’s pantry or canteen would do you good. It helps circulate blood in your body, helping you avoid heart problems. Just make sure you don’t loiter around or disrupt other people. A little stretching exercise while walking will also do you good since this also helps improve blood circulation. Make your own coffee or walk towards the vending machine. The walk can be a great exercise while coffee gives you a feeling of happiness as it helps release endorphins. Is possible, take power naps. Perhaps this is the best way to feel rejuvenated and you wake up raring start working again. This is not for people who snore (since this can lead to office chattering) or for people who are not light sleepers. Make sure you wake up a few minutes before the end of your break time so you still have time to freshen up. You can also just close your eyes, meditate and do breathing exercises. Your eyes need rest and closing your eyes is probably one of the best ways to relax while at work. This helps prevent eyestrain and manages to reduce stress-related health problems. Music relaxes your senses and when listening to music while on break, close your eyes, relax and let your favorite music soothe your tired body and mind.

One of the best things about break times is that you get to enjoy your favorite snacks. Eating scrumptious food makes you forget about problems, stress and workplace horrors. Eating bad-tasting food only increases your agitation and stress and doesn’t help in your work productivity. So make sure you pick the right food which suits your taste and gives you a sense of satisfaction. Whatever snack you eat, it will be best with your favorite coffee. Usual break time snacks are biscuits, cake or sandwiches. However, it helps a lot if you experiment and feast on something more delicious and a feast for your senses.

Choose a delectable snack and ensure that you maximize your break time by doing the other things mentioned above; that is the easiest and surefire way to increase your productivity at work.

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