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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Food Blogging Made Easy

Starting a food blog for foodies can be easy but of course there are phases and steps to study and implement before having a successful one.

Check on the following factors that can be useful if you are seriously considering blogging as a career:

Choose an Interesting blog name.  Carefully choose a name to identify your character and personality.  Perhaps, we haven’t got any idea on how to make an intriguing food blog name at the start.  Some bloggers just thought of random names they think are cute and pleasant to hear and read.  The point is that a person should associate himself on the chosen name for easy and interesting identification.  Think of a particular reason why you use that name can also be a key.

Select what blog platform to utilize.  Most bloggers avail of and really loving it.  There are more choices and just be sure to pick the ones you are comfortable of using.

Think of how to host your blog.  You may be considering if you want a self-host or a free hosting options.  At, a free hosting is offered, and the server will be in charge of your blogs.  So that means if your blog name is Juanfood, your URL will appear as  If you are okay with simple hosting, this type is for you.  Any other upgrades and customizations are already available for a corresponding fee.

Select a host that is dependable.  Self-hosting will necessitate a good provider that you can place your blogs reliably.  Therefore, opt for the ones that have the best reputation and a truly recommended one.  Those who offer additional technical support can be a great advantage.

Attractive design and theme.  Just like in food presentation, of course, a colorful and inviting theme and design can add spice to a particular blog.  Colors and fonts are also great add-ons that can be very enticing with the eyes.

Photos and Images.  This is the most important in creating your food blog.  If you are blogging about food, a very appetizing image can definitely impress a reader to probe further on your blog.  You can post personal shots of your recipe or borrow from other resources.

In summary, if you want to increase your market and increase website traffic, advertise and promote in your social networks.  Connect and let your presence be felt.  Contribute and share your recipes and food reviews in other community sites.  This way you can gain friends and increase the level of search engine results too.

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