airlineLet’s face it. Airline foods aren’t the most appetizing, and many passengers find the experience of dining on preheated food with the usual staple of “chicken, beef or fish” quite unpleasant. But the real pressing matter is, taste and presentation aside, are these airline foods healthy enough?

The practice of airline food service has always been a daunting one. Aside from the high expenses it incurs and the heavy weight it adds to the aircraft, a big source of passengers’ complaints comes from the limited options for inflight meals. With people becoming more health-conscious wanting to lose weight, it’s only right to demand more nutritious foods, and being in midflight is no exception.

Fortunately, airlines have been paying attention enough for them to make changes from their tired menus to more nutritious yet filling choices.  Some popular nutritionist from various health sites conduct airline food surveys and so far they observed a good upward trend towards more nutritious meals and snacks served inflight. Comparing factors such as nutritional value, caloric content and menu diversity among well-liked airlines surveyed resulted impressive healthy inflight foods. Generally, high-protein, low-calorie snacks are being served more and meal sizes are being downsized in favor of smaller but better quality foods.

While these improvements have been ongoing for several airlines, not all has followed suit to the quest of serving healthier inflight meals for their passengers. So for those guarded about the nutrition of the foods served by their airlines of choice, a great advice would be to look through their website. If not, one can alternatively contact them through email to avail of the nutritional facts of their inflight meals. Some can take matters in their own hands and bring their own set of high-protein snacks like granola bars and trail mix.

Overall, the reality of nutritious inflight meals are becoming more apparent; and while it still has a long way to go, the trend of serving healthy airline foods is certainly rising.