eat in portion buffet mealThe search for effective and efficient solutions in losing weight has always been a relevant issue since many people are getting health conscious. There are lots of recommended ways emerging in different resources over the Internet and in the print materials. Some recommends the use of medicine and some suggests losing weight in natural way. And one of these natural ways is eating in portion.

With larger food portions come more calories, and consuming additional calories can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. Eating in portion can be of assistance in successful weight loss and ultimately prevent further complications. With proper food comes better health of course.

The issue now would be how much we eat, rather than what we eat. If a large size of food is served, the tendency is to eat all of it regardless of starvation level. Of course, the same with the other weight loss processes, you also need to control yourself and be aware of how much you really need to consume. However, it is not as complicated as the other weight loss solutions because you do not need to have food-measuring equipments in order to start losing weight. Own critical observation may be of an aid, or may be called visualization cues. If you think that, the food served is the normal amount you consume, just take half of it, and set aside what is left. The same would be applicable if you are the type of person who eats in café and fast food restaurants, where huge amount of food is served.

It doesn’t really need you to carry your measuring cup or weighing scale when you dine in. But knowing the standards will just give you an idea how to eat in portion. Let us take this for example. One small apple is about 60 calories. The same size of calories is contained in a medium-sized orange, or 15 whole pieces of cherries, or one small banana.  A half a cup of cooked carrots is equal to 25 calories. It is the same size of calories on 1/3 cup of canned tomato sauce, and 2/3 cup of green beans. While 1/3 cup of cooked brown rice equals to 70 calories is alike to eight pieces whole-wheat crackers, or 3/4 cup of cereal or one small muffin.

Eating in portion can be more effective if it comes along with slow eating habit because it allows the body to recognize it is full. Nevertheless, losing weight also comes with consistency and control to achieve full success.