android app

Introduction of applications for has brought revolution in gaming field. Android device either a smartphone or tablet is vastly used for playing games by all age groups. Playing intelligent word games is good and constructive means for killing your time. A large collection of Android word games is at users’ disposal for selection according to their choice. These games are best for having a learning opportunity for the users. Following are few apps from huge collection of Android word games.


It is a wonderful word application with a simple and user friendly interface. It offers a grid filled with alphabets and user had to find the word from a grid with correct spellings. It offers different levels for different age groups according to the mental ability of the user. The best part is that the app is available for free.


It is another word game available for Android game lovers. Different game levels are included, which can be reached by winning the levels gradually. It is based on two-player format and the user has to participate with an opponent. In this game, the user has to select a word and then try to guess the selected word of opposing player. At the time-out of the game, the result is displayed that how many characters were same in both. It is really a mind-blowing game having the capacity to improve your observation and spelling.

Word Up Dog

A new addition in Android word games is Word Up Dog. It offers a thrilling atmosphere based on wild style. User has to dig up the letters and compile them into words for entering next level of game. The main player of game is intelligent dog that starts its journey towards success by digging its way through maize fields and collect letters to make comprehensive word. Its mind storming action makes the user more vigilant. It offers different levels that appear randomly.


SpellTower, is an addictive word game available with easy technicalities and gorgeous yet simple art style. It’s beautiful and interactive layout catches the players constantly and do not let them go away. Discover words by trying long words to get higher score or use the additional benefit tiles for your improvement, as this feature removes extra letters from the screen. Along with your progress, tiles will get higher from the bottom end of the screen. Prohibit their raising and do not let them reach to the top row otherwise, the game will be over.