Filipino kidsPeople’s decisions are easily diverted from one thing to another. Advertisements exposed via media or even by mouth attract their interests immediately. These are convincing words and pictures driven towards consumers to obtain patronage and acquire income. But advertisements are never intended to harm. It depends upon the buyers.

The Mature Group

Filipinos are very fond of tasting or testing one product after another. Even with cars, rich people still crave to buy another due to the fresh ad he happened to hear when his cars are standing by at the garage or backyard. Just because of the new color or combination he saw.

Medicinal preparations line the shelves of supermarkets and drugstores. How will the pharmacist explain the effects and which one is best for his ailment? One stock is competing with another. Yet, matured people are still easily drawn to change his rub for body pains from time to time. How can these be relieved or cured by using another before he finishes with one. If the former was more effective than the new, then it’s a pity, its healing power was not utilized.

Even in food products, Filipinos often change brands. Usually this brings them back to the first brand once they find no satisfying effects on the flavor and texture they desire. Many Filipinos are of this type, the changeable minded to always divert to a new.

The Younger Group

Children are attracted more on colors. Dresses of recent styles are pleasant to the tastes of young ones. The latest fads in dolls, slippers, shoes or bags with their favorite cartoon characters are saleable to kids. This is the target of manufacturers, to create those necessities that are instantly selling like hotcakes. Even coloring books and storybooks are styled to raise the interests of the young.

But before going deeper and farther, children must gain satisfaction in food. Fruits and vegetables are hated by most children, unfortunately, they are not affected by advertisements of vegetables. Parents should be more attentive toward this matter.

In almost all gatherings, parties, strolls, picnics and in schools and homes, families buy packs of various foods for their very picky children. They love these in their mouths, competing who can do the best tricks. They are not well aware that resourceful parents buy these to fill the shortage of nutrients from fruits and vegetables in their diets. But not they are convinced of the benefits that this snack could give them. They now demand the sweet, flavorful and aromatic smelling candy. Anyway, they are much tastier and clean and safe to eat. It is an original product children are fun of.

Well, changing minds may not be age related.  It is a matter of choice everyone of us can practice.  Whether in choosing the right kind of gadgets or food to eat, you can change our minds to select which one we like most.