Praisaeng FreeDigitalPhotosSince when the cancer mishap attacked the universe, the medical field encountered much cracking of their nuts on how, what, when, and where they could avail of its cure.  The effects of cancer did not only bother the matured population, but the young children as well.

Years later when studies and experiments were conducted,  treatments were tried on patients, some made it,  but still many were a failure. Until the arrival of a method of treatment, chemotherapy had helped a lot for patients to survive cancer. Children cancer patients were given their chances to live and survive through the treatment.

The 5-year survival rate of cancer patients from 1975-1977 is 68% as compared to 2003-2009 which is 83%. This is quite a good margin of survival as the years go.  However, based on a medical meeting reported by Reuters,” children survivors of cancer treatment face increased heart health risks.

Just like in other diseases, there are so many medicines that counteract the effects of other drugs prescribed for other diseases.  Once an illness is cured in a patient with another accompanying disease, the other becomes serious.  Contraindications of one drug to the effect of the other could not be determined at times and never is it a question.

So, this is true with children survivors.  However, there are still other extraordinary cases of surviving  the  effects of chemotherapy which is suspected to be a cause of after-treatment heart problems.  Maybe it takes time for the medicine  to take its effect, or that the stoppage of the treatment reacted within the body.

Sometimes cancer victims also resort to stopping of medications and treatments and resort to prayers and self-medications.  Surprisingly, there are many who were cured.  This may be considered miracles, if one believes in miracles.  However, if everything is to be analyzed, it is the time span.  Just like in other diseases, there are possibilities wherein the drugs were not fully absorbed by the body.   Every person has his own  body condition.  In this particular case, after stopping of the treatments the drugs had started to absorb in the body, and as days pass, the physician would be surprised to find out that without medications, the survivor,  who suffered from serious heart problems becomes a healthful and cancer-free child.

It has proven a problem among after-treatment child survivors that they are again to suffer serious heart health problems.  In most cases they seek another long range treatments, exercises and change of lifestyles.  And according to Dengel, “it’s not the cancer per se,  but the treatments causing another health problem.

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