­­­Food as a Human RightFood is the basic of all necessities to survive. Man may be deprived of shelter, without good clothes, but never without food, and of course, water. Education, suffrage, communication, they are all necessary to live in a society. Yet, they can be done without.  Why can’t there be right to food if there are other rights? Even if many became obese because of too much food, it is our basic right to eat.

Food as a Human Right

In a meeting of the United Nations just recently, all governments are urged to support the Right to Food campaign, as declared by special rapporteur, Oliver de Schutter. Every country must “include nutrition policies in their system of laws and to legalize it,” he stated.  It could not be denied that all rights have been legalized except food.

Schutter released his information entitled ”Assessing a Decade of Right to Food Progress.” He stated that once treated as a human right, coherence and accountability will be the stepping stone for all citizens in their decision-making toward such legality.

People of the world will cease considering Food as a Human Right as merely an aspiration.  It will be a fervent desire.  Lives depend on food.  Nobody could exist once food is taken for granted. Food needs human protection, that is, ‘food security plus’.  Rights and titles will cover the sources of production, assessment of products, and social protection. Thence, there will be transcendental changes in the economic, political and agricultural picture, resulting in a lasting shield against hunger, “as to Schutter. Does any country not deserve the Right to Food policy?… a healthful life for its population that it denies them of the right to eat?

Differences in Food Standards

Looking around a community, a visitor could readily catch an eye to the results of food shortage upon the less fortunate. Beggars along the streets, street children and out-of-school youth loitering and begging just to catch up with a piece of bread or a cup of coffee!  This is the great difference in the picture and needs erasure in the social surrounding. It necessitates economic and political aid.  The demand for legalization of Food as a Human Right comes in.