What are the top five internet jobs in 2012? Get to know them before you test the waters for your next career. Consider these top five picks to earn money online through these high income internet jobs. 

Do you want to venture in high income internet jobs but you don’t know how or where to start? Today’s post highlights the top five high income internet jobs in 2012 to consider:

  1. Website designing. This is one of the highest income internet jobs to date. Since the booming of e-commerce, website designers are almost always fully-booked. Small and medium businesses will hunt you for their website, and that’s for sure. Website designers are people with high income internet jobs today, so don’t miss this chance.
  2. Internet marketing. This is quite uncomplicated to discuss because it deals with no less than but marketing. If you’re good in selling, then you can endorse products of reputable vendors online. Earn huge commissions from these internet sellers. It’s one of the most promising internet jobs to venture at if you’re born to sell.
  3.  Writing. Writers can earn per hour or per article basis. A productive writer can make about $25/hour, depending on his company. If you got a writing talent to get internet jobs, then use it to apply to employers globally. It’s one of the high income internet jobs that won’t let you run out of projects if you’re a good writer.
  4. Operating an online business. Whatever your product or service is, let it out online to reach millions of internet users who shop and hunt information online. If you want to become successful in this internet job, outsource staffs like writers, transcribers, internet marketers, and/or transcribers to help your business go up and running.
  5. Transcribing. One of the highest paid internet jobs is transcribing. Companies today outsource talented folks to do general, business, legal, medical, and other transcription jobs for them. If you got good ears to listen and fast fingers to transcribe audio files into words, then you’re in! It’s another high income internet jobs to consider if you posses the right transcribing skills and training.

Before you venture on internet jobs, determine what skill you have the passion to pursue. It can be a skill in writing, website designing, transcribing, internet marketing, or running a business. Choose from this list once you’re done assessing your skills, training, or experience. You’ll earn for sure from any of these internet jobs.