Titan ArmAs a consequence of hard work, experts and inventors have come up with effective results. The present and the succeeding generations will be the recipients and beneficiaries of their legacies.

One best example of  the fruits of technology is the rehabilitation robot which resulted from the toils of technologists, the concept of which was for medicine, for assistance to clinicians, thera­pists and patients in cases of impairments and dysfunctions from strokes, neurological disorders, sensorimotor dysfunctions of the arms, hands and legs.

Another addition to technology is the Titan Arm which won the 2013 James Dyson Award. Designed by four Mechanical Engineering students of the University of Pennsylvania, it is an upper body exoskeleton developed to life heavy objects and assist in health care.  This device can assist the user’s arm by 40 pounds more, re build muscles and relearn fine muscle control.

On the Industrial Field

Let the world focus not only on the medical side of the matter.  Purposely as they stand, each robot invention has to concentrate on the primary goal of health.

Looking forward to a wider arena, there seem to be vast areas for the utilization of these two robots.  Today, industries are running out of workers to aid in speedy completions.  Projects continue to flow in, yet human strength  runs short of supply.

The rehabilitation robot can be a big asset – could assist in the function of a healthful pair of arms, hands or legs, making them more serviceable before feeling exhausted.  Forcing the muscles results to injuries, hence, requiring assistance.

The Titan Arm on the other hand, can be applied to heavy object workers and those whose lifting capacities need increase.  Fatigue of workers could be reduced by the addition of a 40-pound additional strength  of this upper body exoskeleton.

The combination or modification of these two robots may be an answer to shortage of human strength in industries.  It will relieve workers by making work easier, lighter and more productive. In addition, health  would be safeguarded,  because they are primarily for health, strength and reduction of fatigue.

As the adage goes, two heads are better than one”. Could this make a fact?

Two great inventions now conquer the health  world: Rehabilitation Robot and Titan Arm.  Both are purposely for humans and human health. But considering the only area they are focused in, a combination or modification is being looked upon by the industrial sector.