Continuing my discussions about the damage of smoking, here is another issue about smoking.  Smoking has long been a social problem, yet people never end the practice.  As a matter of fact, aside from the conventional cigars and cigarettes, the market now offers emerging tobacco products.

The Latest Issue – Young Smokers

As reported by various anti-smoking organizations, the percentage of middle-school and high-school smoking students continue to increase even when the rate of smoking cigarettes remain constant.  As to surveys, there is a bigger change when they are asked of hookahs, snus, dissolved tobacco and e-cigarettes. These types of tobacco products impossible to differentiate from cigarettes in dimension, filter and form. They are non-soluble products in types of strips or orbs that still has nicotine, that soften in the tongue, no odor and no burns.

At present, the world is not yet so much affected by these emerging tobacco products. As early as possible, this needs to be curtailed. Curiosity among the young draws them towards the product.

Users say, emerging tobacco products are used to quit cigars and cigarettes.  Still it poses a problem.  How about its impact on the people’s health, the smokers and sniffers of smoke?  And, according to some other young users, they are only advertising cigars, cigarettes and the up-and-coming products for adults.  How about the curiosity of the young people around who could not even quit the conventional ones? But whether conventional or the emerging tobacco products or electronic cigarettes, they are never worth marketing to the young.

Once a young  smoker becomes addicted, many will be affected, diseases will follow and hospitalization and medicine are too expensive. The proponents of world health have remained unsuccessful of their plight to curtail the harmful effects of smoking. It is high time to eliminate the marketing of these new emerging tobacco products and additional granting of rights to manufacture them.  Or is it also the right means of decreasing the zooming world population by producing more of these products towards death?

A new and latest hit to the market at present is the emerging tobacco product.  Despite the constant count as to the number of young smokers of cigars and cigarettes, the young group have availed themselves of hookahs, snus, dissolved tobacco and e-cigarette.  Manufacturers say they are only used to quit smoking of cigars and cigarettes, however, they add a great percentage to mid-school and high-school students.