My Facebook MovieHow many times have you played your Facebook Movie? Well, it’s perfectly fine to be amazed and feel the drama of the highlights of from your 5 years on Facebook. The Facebook Look Back shows images from the time you joined, your first moments, your most liked posts, and the photos you’ve shared. It is is being played in barely 1 minute. You can even play the video in HD. What really makes the Facebook Movie extraordinary is the inspiring and well arranged music. Go ahead, login again into your Facebook and play your movie.

Facebook movieYou deserve a salute! Since, you’re a Facebook user, the leading social networking site, the most popular networking site in several English-speaking countries and considered the 5th successful start-up company of all time by market capitalization, revenue and growth.

Facebook has been utilized by young and old alike as free and open-source software.  It stores photos, personal interests, contact information and other matters to communicate with friends or chat with them.  With Skype, it provides one-on-one calling.

Just imagine how members of this site would cheer considering that their lives are on video online, Tuesday, February 4!  This is in commemoration with the founding of Facebook site dating back February 4, 2014, and that is, the 10th anniversary of the social network.

Try to see for yourself.  It’s via Facebook/lookback.  This was possible by using an automated tool.  A member could view his personalized video highlights, his most liked posts and his photo selections.  For 62 seconds, this is a possibility! One could witness the very eventful surprise of the decade! And this is available for a whole month, contents of which could be shared to others, or can be edited for privacy.

Although this has come to reality, even the founders could not believe how the networking has gone this far. Being only college students in2004, Mark Zuckerberg, with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes never dreamt it like this.  But, Always Expect the Unexpected, so they say.

Facebook a look backFacebook is a sharing of fun, ideas, enjoyments and sorrows, according to Zuckerberg.  The idea of the founders and the performance of their associates has given the network’s 1.2 billion users from around the world the best return for their patronage.  Their times and efforts consumed with the computer are worth it.  But, added the founder, the main purpose of creating this serviceable site is:  “Facebook was started not just to be a company, but to fulfill vision of connecting the world.”