facebook account deactivateFacebook is an online social networking service.  Users from 13 years old onwards, from all walks of life, nationalities and both sexes, can register.  They submit personal profiles, friends and exchange messages. It has captured worldwide interest, fulfilling the vision/mission of Mark Zuckerberg, its founder and others, of connecting the world.  Many gained benefits like jobs, businesses, educational information, leisure and recreation, etc. On the other hand, these advantages have counter disadvantages.

There are 8 reasons as pointed out in a Mashable article leading to deactivation of your own Facebook account.  First is unconscious habit. Like any addictive material as smoking and alcohol and drugs, it is habit forming.  It is likely that anyone unconsciously becomes seriously obsessed to it.  It is also comparable to a credit card which generates excessive spending when not properly controlled.  Women have longer time spent in Facebook (81 minutes per day) than men (64 minutes).

Second, it develops low self respect.  Usually this affects women.  Online photos of friends with admirable body weights and attractive body shapes build up a negative feeling on others.  With their resentment over these features of friends, what results, is eating disorders.  Their desires give rise to vanity, assertiveness and sleeping problems.

The third reason relates to being part of your looking for a job.  Job recruiters become so particular with individual profile in the hiring process.  Hence, a person who is trying to get a job is a contested grounds to Facebook account deactivation.  As proven, so much job candidates are rejected by the contents of their profiles.  Through the Facebook profiles, recruiters discover that the applicant is not who they want to hire.

Fourth is due to university or college application. This is very similar to when looking for a job.  Once a college entrant mixes Facebook with his enrolment process, it will lengthen the follow-up or he may be out of slot.  The application process is much faster and perfect without Facebook interruption.

Fifth reason refers to having a break up with a relationship.  It is much better to deactivate the account at this stage to move on fast.  One will look pitiful. He must cheer up, ignore the breakup, stop stalking and later on he will find out, it is just a challenge toward maturity.

Sixth is some sort of Facebook jealousy. Many friends and users post celebrations and happy moments to boast and get others envious.  This forms a negative feeling upon others who don’t have sufficient means.  Comparing accomplishments promotes gossips and online bullying.  It is best to deactivate the account than feel worse.  You can unfollow this friend, but you opt to just deactivate your Facebook account.

Seven, school or work busy time is a reason.  Students are distracted since they could not concentrate continuously when exam time.  Their procrastination results to low scores.  They must bear in mind that enjoyment can be set after the review. A student will realize afterwards, that he has proven to be a perfect example to others.  When busy at work, you tend to deactivate your Facebook just to motivate yourself working more.

Lastly, worry over privacy must be considered.  Facebook unveils every detail in a person’s life.  And marketers are capable of altering exposed pictures and statuses. Several cases reached the courts against innocent users.  There is no other means to save pictures, thoughts and ideas than a deactivated Facebook account.

Facebook has delivered many benefits to users.  It has proven Zuckerberg and others’ vision/mission of connecting the world.  However effective and vast the good effects, there are as well reasonable grounds to deactivate it for some time.