Facebook Unfollow ButtonFacebook is unquestionably a part of the lifestyle of most Internet users.  It has largely got the attention of everybody since everything can be done in there like updating life events and thoughts, uploading pictures and videos, virtually checking-in to places and restaurants, buying things in online shops, making groups and even the getting in touch to long lost friends and enemies.  Though controllable, you can still add Facebook friends even if you do not know them personally.

All Facebook users check updates about their friends activities.  News Feed is a feature of Facebook wherein you can find all the posts and updates of your friends.  What if you find some post offensive or malicious or simply you are annoyed of the one who posted it? Facebook makes the option “Hide All” to literally hide all posts you do not like.  Another intriguing feature of Facebook is the “Follow” button.  The function of this button is to follow a friend even if he or she has not approved the friend request yet or he or she is already in your friends list and you just want to follow his or her Facebook activities.

The “Follow” button, when clicked again, turns to be the Unfollow Button.  In what instances you unfollow a friend?  Here are some reasons you might hit that Unfollow Button:

1.  You and your friend might have a little conflict or arguments and you chose not to be updated on his or her Facebook activities.

2.  You just want to try to be silently rude sometimes, so you unfollow a friend.

3.  You do not want to be updated about what your friends’ activities whose posts are either lame, boring, offensive, malicious or all of the above and you chose to hit the button.

4.  This friend happens to be your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and you are full of bitterness and to unfollow this friend is your way to forget him or her.

5.  Your Facebook friend is just your Facebook friend.  You do not know him in person and you are clueless why in the world you get so updated with all of his status.  So in turn, you clicked the Unfollow Button.

6.  And lastly, the most possible reason is that you are just bored and coincidentally just hit the Unfollow Button.

So which reasons have you came across?