Facebook non-friend chargeIf you happen to send a message to a possible long lost friend, which is a non-friend on your Facebook account, you need now to pay Facebook for doing so.

Facebook started charging its users when sending a message to a non-friend. The scheme is now globally as Facebook made prior runs in the United States and the United Kingdom. And Facebook finds it effective. The rate may vary as to where you from based on Internet search.

In the Philippines, Facebook is asking you Php7.90 to send a message to a non-friend because you aren’t connected with this person. Your message normally gets filtered by Facebook and will automatically be sent to the Other folder of that person. But now, there is an option for you to pay Facebook so that your message will go directly to your non-friend’s Inbox.

Facebook thinks this is fair and necessary as they want – as they say – to limit spam messages. If you want to send a message to a non-friend, will you pay Facebook for that service?

Prevent Spam
Does paying Facebook will really prevent spam messages? There are still many questions if this system will prevent spam from coming into your Inbox. Chances are you can also get spam messages from your existing friends. Why can’t they do something about that?

Difficult Facebook friend connection
Before, it was very easy to make your friend’s list soar high in number. Now, it becomes very difficult to add new friends because you may even get banned and your account be closed if you send undefined number of friend request. But why do Facebook still suggest new friends? And if you do so, you will be banned from sending the next time you hit the ¬†Add Friend button. Sooner or later, Facebook will ask you to pay them to add a new friend.

Facebook security over greed?
As Facebook continues to monopolize the social networking communities, they start to ask more money to make your Facebook account safe. Should you pay for security of your Facebook account? As to their questionable  income over Facebook advertisers, and not sharing the income to their users, you may wonder do you still need to pay them to secure your profile. Facebook always hungers for more money.

Now if you chance upon a possible new friend for socializing or professional purposes, and you need to pay Facebook to have this person reply to you immediately, are you going to send money to Facebook?