giveaway templatemonsterIt is very rare for me to join contest giveaways by blog owners. At times, I just ignore them even if I find the price interesting. Maybe I’m just to hesitant to join because I don’t want to expect winning. The feeling of not winning is somehow frustrating for me. There are instances when you can find a lot of prices where you can benefit from. You can choose whichever you find really useful. You can also join the chosen contest that you feel like easily to win.

Blog owners, especially those money making blogs, promote products via their posts. This is the primary reason why they conduct contest giveaways because online businesses want to promote their band. For instance, a computer accessory online store may ask a blogger to promote the website. The blogger will make a post regarding the online store and will conduct a contest giveaway. The online store will then provide a price like a USB drive or even a mouse or a designer headset. These prices may seem simple and cheap but these are useful things for someone who is always online. The contest will be conducted by the blog owner then, other bloggers will join by reading the post and sharing the post in various social media. The blog owner now has the chance to make his blog popular and at the same time, promote the online store. The online store will also have the chance to get more buyers. The winner will be chosen by the blogger and the online store owner via any mode of selection process deemed suitable.

contest giveway winnerOne I join a contest giveaway where the price is a WordPress template from I joined the contest because of several online transactions with the blog owner. Also, I find one WordPress template from the list that I think I can use in my other blogs. Luckily, I was chosen as one of the three winners. I was very happy because this is the first time I joined a contest giveaway online and I won. The blog owner chose the winner in random order.

I was then contacted by and allowed me to download by new WordPress template.

I guess, this will be start of me joining more contest giveaways online.