iOS versus WindowsWhich is which? Perhaps, you are confused of what kind of mobile phone you want to buy. There are many existing mobile phones in the market as the competition heightens. Here comes Windows Phone and iOS Phone rise for the battle in the market. Each device has its own features and gives good impression to you that tempted you to even acquire them all. However, you must choose what best suits your needs and budget. You may ask yourself, which of the two devices best for you. But before coming up into final decision, you must know first each and every features and usability.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone siteIt is developed by Microsoft with an operating system for the Smartphone and mobile phone use. This phone has a People Hub where you can access and monitor the contacts. You can connect to any people from contacts and communicate them through email, text, IM, email and phone. Check and update your friend’s recent photos and posts in Facebook or Twitter, go to your Rooms and Groups to invite people to chat them, or can call directly in Skype from your contact card. The most inspired of this phone is the “Live Tiles” which is the start screen or home screen. Just pin the Live Tiles then you can link people, applications, games, internet, pictures, documents, music, and a lot more. The programs are well organized and alphabetically order where easy to link the items you want. Simply press a letter like F for Facebook it will display and go to location for Facebook apps.  To use the Office Hub, you can write and edit Word documents and Excel spreadsheet from accessing Skydrive apps. This app lets you upload, edit, and share aggregate photos from files to other device or online through social media network. Windows Phone utilizes multi-touching skills. In inputting text, use the on-screen virtual keyboard displays. It features spell check and suggests word while writing a text. By pressing the “Home” button, it opens the device where the home screen appears. You also need to set the password to enable the Lock screen. To unlock the device, slide up then enter the password to access the Home Screen.  iOS iPhone Apple site It is developed and produced by Apple Inc. This device has a concept of direct manipulation by the use of multi-touch interface. Its user interface comprises of sliders, switches, and buttons. The gestures of iOS phone compose of tap, swipe, pinch, and reverse pinch. Each feature has its own task inside the operating system with its multi-touch interaction. User can rotate in three positions like switching from portrait to landscape form. This device designates four layers of abstraction namely: the core OS layer, the Media layer, Cocoa Touch layer, and the Core Services layer. A dock place at the base of the screen can be tapped by the user with their most common applied apps and the home screen shows application icons. Press the power button to turn on the device. Then you can now enter the password to unlock the screen. This type of phone has the ability to multi-task. It has the capacity to create folders for icon apps and updating. To make a final review in choosing a better mobile phone between the Windows Phone or iOS iPhone, you must know what are the necessary features most important to you. Both Smartphones have good quality features and usability although they vary in applications. The most significant point to consider for you decide is to know which Smartphone best suitable for your daily activities. You alone can conclude which mobile phone is the best. It varies based on your personal needs to compliment your everyday activities and how you are comfortable in using device. Finally, you must consider the price and it is suggested to choose the most affordable one.