smoking-reasonsAdvertising plays an important role in stimulating people to smoke. Very clear image presentations projecting a positive motivation about cigarettes are being promoted over print and TV ads. It creates an impression especially for the younger generations that when you smoke you’re ‘cool.’

The habit usually starts with curiosity or invitation, and a one stick trial that eventually leads to addiction. When asked, first timers agree that cigarette taste ‘awful’ but in the long run they become accustomed to the taste becoming a smoking addict and the nicotine it provides.

Possible Reasons

Peer pressure. Surveys had revealed that adolescents aged 13 -15 had at one time or the other been forced to smoke by peers for varying reasons. This can also be a form of bullying that in time these kids are left with no choice.

Celebrity endorsers. Popular actors and actresses who endorse a particular brand of cigarette can largely influence people to take the habit. These people are looked up and idolized, up to the extent that whatever they do and say, fans tend to follow and imitate.

Family members. Often times, older members of the family are also into smoking, ignoring what negative influence this habit can impart with the younger ones. There is that positive perception that it is okay to smoke because it runs in the family and is therefore acceptable.

Smoking offers personal satisfaction. For the majority of smokers, we can often hear the word ‘satisfied.’ Most of the times, they find it  pleasurable and an excuse to content themselves while relaxing. While taking a break from work, these people find the time to recharge by smoking. This is basically true, because studies had revealed that a higher percentage of smokers had been doing this mostly.

Smoking is a form of a reward. For a job well done, a smoker feels fulfilled by smoking. People feel the need of getting affirmations every time a particular job has been accomplished. A pat on the back is appreciated, which can help boost that self-esteem. A stick of cigarette for smokers acts as an affirmation of themselves that they had done something beneficial in their work.

There is a long list of these reasons in which a person justifies why he is in this habit. However, just like any other habit, it is relatively important to think primarily of what good and bad effects it can bring you.