travel soloTraveling solo is what most people would not consider, especially for long trips. The trips have been associated with loneliness and insecurity. However, there are also pros in traveling solo. The hard part is convincing the parents or the spouse to let you take the travel alone. Explain as calmly as possible why you need to take the trip alone. However there are things you ought to know before embarking on a solo journey.

1.  Safety

Security is one of the reasons why travelers avoid solo traveling.

  • When you are alone, you are more vulnerable to security concerns like crime, local scams etc.
  •  Plan on how to handle such situations as there is no one to watch your back or help you out.
  • Always make sure you make a safety call daily to let people know you are safe.
  • Desperate situations like getting lost, stuck, no fuel etc. can be stressful. Make plan B’s for emergencies.
  •  For safety purposes, you may consider asking for trusted transport services from service providers.

2.  Cost

Cost is one of the factors to take in consideration while planning when to take the trip, where to, who to take with you etc.

  • On this aspect, solo traveling is more costly and you need be prepared and carry more cash for inconveniences.
  • Air tickets and local cabs are more costly.
  •  Solos also have to pay more for meals and accommodation. Consider staying in hostels.
  •  Generally, costs can be high as there is no cost sharing.
  • Always know the normal cost before asking for a service to avoid being cheated.

3.  Social Interactions and Fun
The sole reason for a trip is to take time from the norm, explore new locations, learn new culture and interact with the locals.

  • Making a trip alone eliminates filters, other people prejudices and tastes. You therefore have an uncorrupted experience.
  • In fact the solo atmosphere will help you reflect and identify yourself.
  •  You are also more likely to experience culture and make new friends easily.
  •  The downside is that there is no one to share the moments with and take you pictures.
  • However you can always pick up companions along the trip to help you out.
  • The solo factor will most likely make you feel lonely. Make sure you travel armed with entertainment activities or games to keep you occupied.
  •  Solo travelling avoids anger scenes with companions and but there is also no one to vent your anger on or talk to when you get annoyed.

4.  Self-trust and Planning

The trip needs planning so as to achieve your trip objectives. Solo traveling needs confidence.

  • The mistakes and success you make are your own, and helps to boost your decision making skills.
  • By being your own boss, you will need to have better time management. Nobody will be around to remind you something or wake you up.
  • You will also need to trust your own judgments and make better decisions.
  • Always trust your instincts.
  • You will need to adapt and be flexible as the day to day needs and situations change.

The above factors will help you prepare for a solo trip. Yes, you will experience some challenges but ones you can handle. Always carry your identification papers, keep to public places and most importantly keep calm and take control. Carry with you maps and dictionaries or anything relevant for your tour.

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