cellphone chargersWorld modernization brings accompanying inventions of gadgets for their operation.  This is true with the invention of cellphones. The cash and energy invested on the cellphone is reciprocated by the advantages businessmen and other consumers acquire for their use.

With the continuing inventions of more utilizable cellphones, chargers and SIM cards come along, for not one could operate without the other.  The unit needs a battery,  a charger to function.

In remote and far-flung areas where there is shortage of electricity even for ordinary home use, charging a cellphone for four hours is a hassle.  Yet, for  business and other important transactions, the device needs to be maintained.

Amar Samra, Electronics Managing Director of  British Company Intelligent Energy, said that alternative solutions are to come out towards this end.  By mid-December, they plan to roll out 1 milion of new chargers in Nigeria and South Africa alone.  This resulted after finding out that smartphone traffic will increase tenfold between 2013 and 2019 – 478 million devices will be in use.  This will amount to a very great amount of power for chargers.

The latest and a possible big solution to charging problems is the devised hydrogen chargers, consisting of a fuel cell and a non-disposable cartridge, detachable when exhausted.  Its most salient feature is that it fits into a handbag. And, better still it costs a dollar less than charging by electricity.

Japan and Dubai had also started on their concept with similarities.  These are very excellent alternatives to backup the uncontrollable demands for cellphones and tablets.

Yet, the experts should not stop at this latest invention.  There may  be much better styles which may come to the minds even of ordinary citizens.

May Friction Work as an Alternative?

A certain time before or after rechargeable batteries, came about flashlights lighted by friction in the markets.  Although it has not gained so much popularity, well it is free of charge.  A normal gripping by the hand makes a flashlight usable.  The charger is a part of the flashlight.  Once connected to a cellphone, there will be no spills of fuel, it could  be carried inside a bag, anywhere, anyplace, anytime.

When smartphones and Android tablet PC came into use, other gadgets were necessary, SIMs and chargers and batteries. And the gadgets could not function without charging electricity.  As they take 4 hours to charge, so much has the practice added to power shortages in homes and establishments.  So the Hydrogen phone chargers  was invented.  But there must be a much less-costing alternative.  The world is looking forward to a cellphone with an accompanying friction charger.

Source Article. Yahoo.com