PAL returns Saudi Arabia 2013Philippine Airlines (PAL) will resume once again – and maybe for good, their flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia this coming December 2013. An advertisement was also published in June 26 newspaper edition of Arab News so it can be good news to many Filipinos.

PAL will continue daily service to three major cities of Saudi Arabia; Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam. We’re not even sure if Filipinos working in the Kingdom still anticipate this with enthusiasm as there were previous returns of flights in the previous years but then were stopped. Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in Saudi Arabia is over a million, and being patriotic – they are expected to have at least the national airline flag carrier to service their trips going back to the Philippines. Most Filipinos are expecting a better service at least if not lesser price against other popular airlines.

I had once taken a flight from Manila to Riyadh last March 2010 and I experienced average or ordinary usual services. The aircraft was a bit old as compared to other airlines and as expected, there was delay in flight.

Below is the announced flight schedule of Philippine Airlines from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. PAL will start these schedules on December 1, 2013 for Riyadh and Jeddha, then December 2, 2013 fro Dammam.

Jeddah (Mon – Wed – Fri – Sun)
Jeddah to Manila | Departure 22:35 – Arrival 14:05 (1 day)
Manila to Jeddah | Departure 14:45 – Arrival 21:05

Riyadh (Mon – Tue – Wed – Thu – Fri – Sun)
Riyadh to Manila | Departure 21:00 – Arrival 11:45 (1 day)
Manila to Riyadh | Departure 14:00 – Arrival 19:30

Dammam (Mon – Wed – Fri)
Dammam to Manila | Departure 22:30 – Arrival 12:40 (1 day)
Manila to Dammam | Departure 16:30 – Arrival 21:00