In any website, content is the most important part. This is what drives Internet users to visit a certain website. When websites want to rank higher on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), that website should have unique and fresh content. This content should be informative and very helpful to users who are searching for the specific topic. Without great content, it will be tough to drive more traffic into the website.

To make quality content, web content writers are needed. Content writers research information, use keywords and make sure content is error-free. Having great content on a website will greatly depend on the writing skills and abilities of the content writers hired. To help you get the right web content writers, here are the five qualities to look out for:

  1. The most important quality of web content writers is their excellent command over English writing. The length of experience in writing is a huge plus when hiring web content writers. Writers should have excellent grammar.
  2. The second quality of web content writers is creating content in the right tone. Online websites can use different articles like blogs, press releases and product reviews. Web content writers should know how to differentiate their writing approach. At the same time, content should be engaging enough to make the reader visit the website and browse more content.
  3. The third quality of web content writers is the ability to meet deadlines. Google uses ‘freshness’ as one of the signals to determine page rank. So, websites are working hard to keep their websites updated regularly. Web content writers need to meet deadlines to avoid delay in updating the website. This is another important quality that web content writers should possess.
  4. The fourth quality of web content writers is the ability to follow instructions. Tasks from different clients will have varying requirements, keywords and guidelines. Web content writers should always be mindful about these guidelines in every article they write.
  5. The last quality of web content writers is the ability to proofread and edit their work. This should give the editor an easier time finalizing the articles before submitting it to the client. Content writers should always proofread their work before submitting to the editor. This is also the reason why web content writers should have excellent command of English.

When hiring web content writers, it is best to ask for some sample works and ask them to do an article based on your own guidelines. Through the sample works, you will already have an idea how good the writer is and if that writer will be much help to your website.


To drive traffic into a website, quality content is needed. Hiring web content writers is very important, but the credible ones are required. Content writers that possess these five qualities will make sure your website is filled with quality content.

Submitted by:
Azalea Pena