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Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Freelancing: The Better Way for Audio Transcription

A versatile freelance audio transcribers must be able to multitask, research, have a good ear for dictation and a steady hand for an accurate and fast typing. The later skill can’t be learned instantly. It needs time and practice. In fact, there are available typing tutorials online that helps in developing this skill. Different production industries such as in court, legal departments, television and medical sects depend on audio transcribers to convert audible information into a written form. Transcribers must have great concentration skill to put the audio records into text. Most of the time, careless transcribing can lead to a bigger error for the employer.

Freelance audio transcribers can be more effective listeners if they also have a good memory. The longer the transcriber rewrites the audible file without stopping the audio source, the more efficient they will be for the employers.

For an audible file to be excellently written, the transcriber must have his working space in a certain condition. Their environment must free of any audible or visual destruction. But for freelance audio transcribers, this control of environment is not always possible, especially if they are working at home or away from the office. Nevertheless, they should consider choosing area which is quiet, well-lighted and as much as possible facing from window. It helps the audio transcribers to concentrate more while working. It also maximizes the hearing ability of the audio transcribers. Transcribers should be very focused when working. It certifies the accuracy and quality of the transcription they are working on.  If ever the task is very challenging, they need to meditate first, just for few minutes though, before starting to the work. The absolute relaxation unburdens their minds and sustains their cognitive function system in concentrating and listening. The freelance audio transcribers should also have a good and a quality tested headsets. These accessories will help the transcribers to understand the audio easier and clearer.  Also, freelance audio transcribers must use tools like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect with Auto correct or Quick Correct features to lessen the wrong keystrokes while typing. Transcribers should also know how to customize different templates on regular basis. It is very helpful in transcribing legal or medical audio files. There are several helpful transcription tools or applications that freelance audio transcriber can rely on. Some of these tools are usually available to buy and many sources of job vacancies of the company link on these tools, especially those that in need of different audio transcription services. The transcription software permits the user to play, pause, rewind, slow down or speed up the audio files depending on the users’ discretion.

Freelance audio transcribers are in demand today. Transcribing audio files is an enormous way of earning while staying at home. Freelancers can depend on their own schedules and to their typing ability in searching jobs and advertisements related in transcribing. Take note that normally, an hour of audio file can be transcribed into three or four hours. Just imagine how many audio files a single transcriber can do if he has all the qualities stated above. It can do without taking for granted the accuracy and quality of the transcript. That is the most important of all.

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  1. It's true that for a transcriber to have accurate and fast typing, he needs to put in effort over time. I wouldn't be able to reach the typing speed that I am at right now if I didn't learn to touch type for a long time.