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Friday, November 6, 2020

Interview with Carey Suante of Transcription Pro

This interview was originally conducted sometime in 2010.  It has been part of The Transcriptionists Profiles, a series of interviews with people who are working as transcriptionists. 

In this article, I will feature my interview with Carey Suante. Welcome to the interview. Thank you for taking interest of this opportunity.

Carey SuanteThank you for the opportunity.

Archie: To start, can you please tell me your current designation or level as a transcriptionist? (e.g. senior MT)? What is your location? Where are you presently connected?

Carey SuanteRight now I work with one of the Big 4s as an senior administrator. I used to be an Asst Team Leader in a Transcription company. I am from New Delhi, India.

Archie: How long have you been working as a transcriptionist? How did you start in this profession? What are the factors that prompted you to pursue a career in this field?

Carey Suante: I started working as a legal transcriptionist in 2005. I actually had to find a job real quick when my father passed away in a road accident. So I sort of stumbled into transcription without really knowing what I got into! But somehow it worked out fine for me. I have always been good in studies and so transcription was not hard at all. In fact, I enjoy it a lot. So when I got into this transcription company I learnt everything I can about transcription as fast as I could. I was promoted to proofreader/QC within 6 months and within 2 years made it to Asst Team Leader. I just love it. In fact, I even blog about transcription on and other sites.

Archie: Which do you prefer: to work home based or in an office setting? Please explain briefly

Carey Suante: I love both. If you work in an office setting for someone else, the pay is guaranteed which is lovely. When you work at home as a freelancer, finding clients is a hurdle. And, there are so many freelancers who are willing to work for peanuts. I think transcriptionist should start taking their skill serious. Anyway, I work fulltime; I freelance parttime.

Archie: Which among these transcription work most appeal to your interest: Medical, General (Business, podcasts, interviews), or Legal Transcription.

Carey SuanteI love podcast transcription because of the topics usually online business related. But for business, I would pick legal transcription any time. I have done lots of different transcriptions but generally speaking legal transcription suits me more.

Archie: What, for you, is the most important characteristic or quality to become an effective and productive transcriptionist?

Carey SuanteNever stop learning - especially, about new things. After working as a fulltime transcriptionist for over 2 years I started freelancing on the side because I want to learn the business side of transcription. I learnt to set up WordPress blogs, write blog posts, use Social Media for lead generation and participate in online discussions. In fact, I converted a blogger to a long-term client just by comment on his blog!

Archie: Being a seasoned transcriptionist, what do you think is the best advice you can give to people who are interested to enter this field?

Carey SuanteManage your own career. No one cares more about your career than you. You are the best judge of what's best for you. Read widely - a lot! Again never ever stop learning new things.

Archie: Thank you for your time.

You can visit the company website of Carey Suante here at

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